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Accessing Resources in Self-Paced Courses

Many of the updated self-paced courses in LMS contain resources that you are able to view and download. This article shows how to locate these resources.

On the Menu page of the course, you’ll see the Resources icon in the top right corner of the page.

Resources symbol highlighted in the top right corner of the course menu.

The Resources Icon is in the same location on each page of the lessons.

Resources symbol shown in top right corner of the lesson page.

When you click on the Resources icon, the list of resources appears from the right. To open a resource, select it in the menu.

Resources menu shown with a list of resources that can be opened, saved and printed.

The resource will appear in a new window. If the resource opened a new tab, then you can close the window using the tab. If a new tab was not created, then use the arrow on the top left to return to the course window. In this case, not using the arrow and closing the tab will result in the course being closed.

A resource is shown open in another Explorer window.

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