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Accessing the DiscImage Site

On your Desktop, click the DiscImage icon.

DiscImage icon

There are two tabs available: Home and Query. The Home tab will offer you search functionality on a variety of parameters, so you should never need to use the more advanced Query tab.

Query search page.

To search for a document you will need to first select the folder that you want to search. The available options are:

CS Applications
This is where the applications that are submitted are located.

CS Case Files
Currently not being used.

CS Enforcement
This is where letters that have been sent from AdobeLiveCycle (ALC) can be located.

Customer Uploads
This is where the documents that the customer uploaded on OK Benefits can be located.

Data Field Options

Depending on which Folder was selected the available search fields for the first drop-down list will differ.

Query search page.

In the second drop-down list, you can select whether you want your search to meet the exact criteria (is equal to) or whether you want to search based on conditional parameters (e.g.: is greater than, is less than or equal to, etc.). You will type your search text in the freeform field.

Query search page.

Retrieving the Document List

In this example, we are going to search using the Case Number field where the search condition is equal to, and the Case Number parameter is 123XXX001. You click the Search Search buttonbutton to retrieve a listing of available documents.

Query results page.

If the Auto Display Single Result box is checked  and you only have one document in the queue, you will go directly to the Document Viewer dialog box and not the Document List.

Query options window with an arrow pointing to "auto display single result" checkbox.

The list of available documents displays below Query Results.  To navigate through the pages of documents you can either enter a page number or click on the previous or next button at the bottom of the page.

Query search navigation.

Review the list and find the document that you are looking for. In this example, we are looking for the most recent Income Assignment. This is the fourth document in the list.

To select a document, click the check box to the left of the Case Number on the row of the document you want to view.  Click the View Document button View document  to continue.

The Document Viewer Dialog Box

The Document Viewer dialog box will display. Notice the selected document data appears in the Index Fields pane.

At the bottom of the dialog box you see the document alert message. You can Open or Save the document, or Cancel your action.  In this example, we will click the Open  button.

Document alert message.

The Adobe PDF document will open in a dialog box. You can use the features of the Adobe Acrobat Reader to save or print the document as needed.

Adobe PDF document

Close application down when you are done.