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Add your profile picture to Outlook (MS Office 2010)

Would you like to have your picture appear in Microsoft Outlook? It is actually a little tricky when using Outlook in MS Office 2010, so while we still have 2010 to work with, this is an easy way to get it done.

You may not remember creating your own contact card in Outlook when you first began working with it. Your contact card is where your profile picture can be inserted.

Outlook ribbon, Business Card View.

After opening Contacts, select Business Card from the Current View area of the ribbon along the top of the page. Open your Contact from the list. If you don’t have your own contact, create one by filling in the information you would like to have accompanying your correspondence.

Outlook, Contact Card.

With the Contact open – whether a new contact or yours – double click on the picture icon in the contact or select Picture from the top ribbon, then browse for the picture you want to use.