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Linked Article Date First Published Main Point Tags 12/7/21 Provides answers to frequently asked questions about Incarcerated Order Abatement Abatement, incarcerated 12/7/21 Provides steps for updating Incarceration Abatement indicator on OBLU Abatement, Adjustments, incarcerated 12/13/21 Provides steps for reviewing cases for Incarcerated NCP Order Abatement Abatement, incarcerated 1/3/22 Translation Services are available and how to access them Customer service, deaf, non-English 4/11/22 In determining appropriate income for parties, the Bureau of Labor Statistics is a resource Guideline, income 4/20/22 Federal Tax Information (FTI) is defined as return or return information received directly from the IRS or obtained through an authorized source. 5/3/22 & 5/12/22 Explanation of what is considered to be a data breach 5/3/22 Brief overview of what unauthorized disclosure is and how to avoid it FTI, IRS, unauthorized disclosure 5/12/22 Explanation of the IRS Publication 1075 1075, FTI, IRS 5/18/22 Tax documents provided to CSS directly from the NCP/CP or their attorney is not FTI FTI, IRS 5/18/22 Personally identifiable information (PII) is information that, when used alone or with other relevant data, can identify an individual FTI, PII 5/18/22 Per IRS 1075, a visitor access log must be maintained at a designated entrance to a restricted area 1075, access log, IRS, visitor 5/18/22 What to do in the event of a security incident or data breach Data breach, spam 6/15/22 How long to receive CSS payments when TANF closes CSS payments, TANF 6/15/22 Describe methods and suggestions for working with OnBase Case files, OnBase 6/20/22 Table showing income used for calculating guidelines Calculating income, guidelines


Linked Article Date Updated Main Point & Change Tags 10/11/21 Tips that help you successfully serve your customers

Whole article redone

Service of process 10/13/21 A list of genetic testing fees from 2007 to current costs. Genetic testing, LabCorp 11/4/21 Definition and goal for Child Support Guidelines and different methods for computing wages, salary, and other income; minimum wages Computing income, minimum wages 11/5/21 Shows how to use the Personal Delivery within the service of process Acknowledgement of Receipt, Address of Records, Certified Mail, Methods of Service 11/8/21 Short overview of the Vital Records Paternity cover sheet (VRPAT) and how to use it Child Support Order, P35, Vital Records 11/29/21 Explanation of transmittal of Acknowledgement of Paternity form to Oklahoma State Department of Health Division of Vital Records AOP, Oklahoma State Department of Health Division of Vital Records, transmittal process 11/29/21 A suspended license can be located when searching for non-custodial parent DPS. License, Locate, suspended license 12/1/21 Map of LabCorp genetic testing specimen collection sites Genetic testing 12/1/21 Brief overview of the CSS Onboarding Handbook handbook 12/1/21 List of Caselog Notes and Court Minute Abbreviations used by Child Support Services Caselog notes, Court Minute Abbreviations, CS Definitions, CS Terms, CSS Acronyms and Initialisms, Glossaries, OKDHS/CSS Acronyms 12/6/21 Linked listing of important OSIS screens OSIS, screens 1/11/22 What is needed for the injured spouse process Federal administrative offset, state tax offset 1/19/22 Brief information about Locate Locate 1/19/22 Locate information can be done using internet resources Internet search, Locate, Online search 1/20/22 List of Locate tools and processes used to find parties Locate tools, process 1/25/22 Basic premise of Chapter 7 – debtor trades all non-exempt property and a full disclosure of financial affairs for a discharge of persona Bankruptcy, Chapter 7 1/25/22 Includes links to various Federal websites that have different forms to download for child support use Hague Convention, intergovernmental forms, international 1/28/22 Lists assessment dates and enrollment, availability of assessment, what to expect on your assessment day, as well as assessment instructions and LMS features Assessment day, certification 2/11/22 Summary of UPA and Challenges to Parentage Acknowledged, Adjudicated, Parentage establishment, Presumed 2/16/22 Documents and links to the Right-Sizing User Guide, RSO Companion Tool, and Oklahoma statutes related to right-sizing orders Case management, finance, guidelines, right-sizing 2/23/22 Notification of release from incarceration can be requested through VINELink DOC, inmate, locate, parole, VINELink 3/7/22 New case closure codes as of January 2011 Case management, reason codes 3/7/22 Official chart of closure codes Case management, reason codes 3/7/22 IV-D Status (currently uncollectible) reason codes Currently uncollectible, status 10 3/11/22 Quick, illustrated guide to getting the Meeting Link in Teams Class link, LMS 3/26/22 Process for submitting an Injured Spouse Claim Injured spouse, state tax 3/29/22 Case information may only be disclosed when specifically authorized by federal regulation and state law and policy Disclosures to Private Counsel, Family Violence 3/30/22 Chart to help identify Case Types by their codes Child Support, IV-D, medical, SoonerCare 3/30/22 List of acronyms and initialisms of child support terms used by Child Support Services Caselog Notes and Court Minute Abbreviations, CS Definitions, CS Terms, Glossaries 4/13/22 Summary of electronic service of process with scenarios Service of process 4/15/22 A Cash Medical Erroneous Overpayment (EP CM) occurs when a custodial person (CP) receives payments issued by CSS that should have issued to OHCA CM 4/26/22 Explanation of the skill-based pay application process 4/27/22 Monthly differential pay for full certification may be applied for by submitting the application form 03GN522E Certification, differential pay 4/29/22 Steps to “force” an address Force address, USPS database 5/3/22 Guidelines for logging customer activity with the case log Case log, casework, court, OSIS 6/2/22 Transfer or Referral of IV-D Cases from CSS to a Tribal IV-D program Tribal IV-D programs, Apache, Cherokee, Chickasaw, Creek, Delaware, Kaw, Kickapoo, Modoc, Muscogee, Osage, Ponca 6/3/22 Process assisting NCPs when there are barriers to payment of child support Contempt, job-finding, payment barriers, under-employed 6/14/22 Presents the CSS Training Requirements Matrix as of May 25, 2022 Learning paths, LMS, Matrix, Training, training requirements 6/15/22 When a CP certifies for TANF, they must notify the IV-A worker of any income, including child support IV-A, OSIS screens, TANF 6/21/22 List of mandatory and optional documents used to assist in civil contempt cases Contempt, court documents, trial documents 6/21/22 Describes the process or steps for registering a foreign order in the OAH Administrative court, CSENet, district court, enforcement, foreign order, registration, transmittal 6/21/22 Describes the process or steps for registering a foreign order in an Oklahoma district court CSENet. Enforcement, foreign order, registration, transmittal 6/21/22 Addresses which cases are eligible for each level of service Child care subsidy, full service, medical, medical support 6/21/22 Learn about the conditions for an MEO status case and if/when MEO is a good option for the case Medical, medical enforcement, MEO, MEO status 6/21/22 How to manage incoming and outgoing intergovernmental or international genetic testing cases Incoming intergovernmental, outgoing interngovernmental 6/22/22 Checklist to see if a case is eligible for Medical Enforcement Only Active support order, case medical, medical support provision 6/23/22 When there has been a challenge to paternity and genetic testing is required, the challenging party is responsible for the cost of genetic testing Genetic testing, paternity establishment, payment 6/28/22 Shows payment options for NCPs & employers including on how to make a payment, where to mail a payment, and how to set up online payments Payment options, payments, statement of account 7/5/22 List of learning opportunities that are available for enrollment on the DHS LMS Classes, education, training 7/6/22 Explanation for the two options for service of process on incarcerated persons 7/6/22 Brief overview on what CMOD is, and includes helpful downloadable cheat sheets for exploring CMOD features, finding a report, and exporting report information into Excel CMOD, reports 7/7/22 Addresses some of the common questions about Identilink and genetic testing Genetic testing, IdentiLink, paternity and establishment

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