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Before the First Day Paperwork for New Hires

Onboarding actually begins before the first day. You as the supervisor need to make the conditional job offer and coordinate the entry-on-duty (EOD) date so you can spend as much of the first day with the new employee as possible. Personal contact with the incoming employee can help lay the foundation for a long and meaningful career.

Once you have an EOD date for the new employee, please contact Shawn Davis or Beverly Walker so CSS Onboarding from the Center of Professional Development can begin closely upon the new hire’s start date.

Forms and Processing (OKDHS Only)

You may be tempted to have your new employee come in and fill out new hire forms before their first day to “get them out of the way,” but if they fill out new hire forms, we have to pay them for that time! The following forms ensure that the hire is legal and that the employee has everything needed to get started on the first day:

  • Form 11PE009E – Conditions of Employment (Available on the Infonet) Note: Try to set the EOD date between the 16th and 31st of the month to allow for HR, benefits, and payroll processing. Otherwise, check with HR to ensure the new hire can be processed before the applicable payroll deadline.
  • Form 11AD003E – Request for Drug and Alcohol Testing (Available on the Infonet) – The selected applicant signs and dates this form confirming they received a copy of the Drug and Alcohol Testing Policy. Accordingly, provide a hard copy of the following:
  • “Forensic Drug Testing Custody and Control Form” (also known as the “Chain of Custody Form”) – These forms are provided by Risk and Safety Management. Please e-mail *STO.HRMD.RISKMGMT if you need more of these forms. For the full pre-employment drug testing procedure, see OKDHS Drug and Alcohol Testing Procedures on the Infonet.
  • Form 04AD003E – Request for Background Check (Available on the Infonet) – Send to *OCSS.HR Requests for completion. For drug and alcohol testing sites see OKDHS Drug and Alcohol Testing Procedures on the Infonet.
  • Complete the PS-76 Applicant List, code the OPM E-list, and return both to CSS-HR to verify the legality of the hire.
  • Form 05SC003E – OKDHS Logon Authorization Request (aka MID-1) – Assist the selected applicant in completing this form. Submit it to *OCSS.ITSecurity only after receiving favorable results from the drug and alcohol testing.
  • When you have received the results from the background check and drug test, you may call your new employee with the good news and ask them to bring their social security card, I-9 documentation to verify employment eligibility, and a copy of their college transcript (if the position requires a degree).