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Family Violence Flagging


A CP came into my office today and informed me that she experiences threats of violence from the NCP. I have already flagged the CP, should I also flag the children on the case with the Family Violence Indicator (FVI)?


We are glad you asked this question!   In 2016, we updated our FVI policy and added new ITS language about flagging children with an FVI.  As you know, the purpose of the FVI is to block certain information, which is good when we’re blocking the information of a victim. However, when we add an FVI to a child, the FVI stays effective even after the case is closed.  As a result, the FVI keeps blocking the child’s information, even after they are grown up and have a child support case of their own.  For this reason, we do not automatically tag children with an FVI. (OAC 340: 25-5-67.1)

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