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Certification Assessment Day

All certification assessments are offered remotely. This article will speak to several areas of the certification assessment process:

  • Assessment Dates and Enrollment
  • Availability of Assessments
  • What to Expect on Your Assessment Day
  • Assessment Instructions & LMS Features

Assessment Dates and Enrollment

An Assessments Date Schedule (see below) is published on a yearly basis for your convenience.   This schedule must be adhered to at all times so please review this pre-published schedule with your office management to ensure coverage and any needed arrangements.

Note: If there are extenuating circumstances that could not have been foreseen, the Certification Office will work with the office and participant to find a solution within the confines of the rules of the certification program.

2023 CSS Certification Assessment Schedule updated January 2023


Please enroll through LMS during the allowed enrollment period for the day you wish to take your assessment.

  • You cannot enroll in a Functional Area assessment if you have not successfully passed all Core Area assessments; however, more than one core assessment may be taken in one day.
  • You may take one functional area assessment per assessment quarter.
  • If you need to take the recertification assessment, you may take it up to six months prior to your recertification date.

Availability of Assessments

Certification Assessments are available to access once the Proctor opens it at the designated testing time on your scheduled day.

Average Times to Complete a Certification Assessment

Listed below are the average times to complete assessments. Average time to complete has been taken into consideration when planning the testing timeframes. If you find that you need additional time during an assessment, send a private message to your Proctor to make arrangements.

Average Times to Complete a Certification Assessment
Type Assessment Average Time to Complete
Core Case Fundamentals 56 Minutes
Ethics 38 Minutes
Medical 53 Minutes
Communications 53 Minutes
Functional Establishment 102 Minutes
Enforcement 101 Minutes
Intergovernmental 90 Minutes
Finance 109 Minutes
Recertification Recertification 129 Minutes


What to Expect on Your Assessment Day

  • Certification Assessments are available to access once the Proctor opens it at the designated testing time on your scheduled day.
  • Participants should review the Certification assessment Rules and Regulations.
  • For technical issues contact your test Proctor by private chat message, their cell phone, or the OUCPM Help Desk.

LMS assessment notice & instructions

Below is an example of what you will see in the LMS instructions note box that provides the average time to complete assessment information and instructions to ensure the assessment has been submitted.

Screenshot of Intergovernmental Assessment Questions.


If you need to leave the testing room for any reason or have any questions or technical difficulties during the Assessment, please notify the Proctor on their designated cell or contact the LMS Helpdesk at 405-325-6257. The Assessment is open for only a specified time period during the designated testing day. You must complete the Assessment during this time period and notify your monitor that you have submitted your answers. (See Completing the Assessment below.)

You should not attempt this Assessment and start again. If you must leave your computer during the Assessment, notify your Proctor.

Each Assessment is divided into multiple categories. You will be assigned each category in a random order. You will not receive feedback for your answers.

The Quiz Navigation panel on the left side of the screen will tell you how many questions remain; circles will darken as you answer questions.

The questions in 2023 Assessments include any policy changes and new legislation effective September 15. 2022 to November 1, 2022.

Flagging Questions

You may use the Flag Question button in the upper left-hand corner of the screen for two purposes — 1) personal review of question and 2) possible mistake in question.

When you flag for only Personal Review, you must remember to un-flag the question prior to final submittal of your assessment answers.
  1. If you are not sure of your answer and would like to personally review the question before the final submittal of your answers to be evaluated, you can flag the question. This will allow you to use the Quiz Navigation panel to return to the question later during your assessment to review or revise your response before the final submittal of your answers.  As mentioned in the Note above, you should un-flag these personal review questions once you are ready for the final submittal of your answers.
When you flag for Possible Mistake in Question, please leave the question flagged when submitting your final answers but answer the question to the best of your ability.
  1. If you believe there is a mistake in a question, you could also use the Flag Question button. If you encounter such a question, notify the Proctor of your concerns in a private chat message; but be sure to answer the question to the best of your ability. The Certification Managers will be informed of any answered flagged questions by OU. These questions will be reviewed for possible revisions for future Assessments.

Screenshot of the Ethics Certification Assessment. Flag question is under the "information" column.

Child Support Guidelines Computation Tool

The most current Guidelines tool is available in LMS for your use during the assessments.

Completing the Assessment

Be sure to review any flagged questions before you submit your answers. If you submit your responses before answering all questions, you will be evaluated based on the questions you have completed. You will be scored incorrect for any questions you did not answer.

You will be notified of your Pass/Did Not Pass status at the end of the Assessment once you click the “Submit All and Finish” button. If you received a Did Not Pass you must sign-up for a new session and receive approval to take the Assessment again.

If you receive a Pass, after you have reviewed the Pass/Did Not Pass screen, download your certificate to receive credit for completion.

You must notify the Proctor that you have submitted your answers by clicking on the Assessment Submitted Message for the Proctor. You will then be prompted to Click Here to notify Proctors that you are finished. An email notification will be sent, confirming your completion. This is to verify that you have submitted your answers to be evaluated and your Assessment session has been closed.

Screenshot of the Notify Proctors screen.
Email application.