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Certified and Licensed Occupations Boards List

When researching licenses for the purposes of preparing a Notice of Intent to Revoke (NOIR) document, it would be helpful to find information about all occupational licensing and the associated boards in one centralized resource. Note: Licensing boards do not have jurisdiction to modify, remand, reverse, vacate, or stay the order for the suspension or revocation of a license.

The Certified and Licensed Occupations List brings together address and phone information for license boards in Oklahoma, as well as their associated professions. This list is available below for download.

Certified and Licensed Occupations Boards List

This spreadsheet is sorted alphabetically by occupation, with the appropriate board information listed after the name of the occupation. Some boards handle licensing for a number of occupations. The occupations are hyperlinked to the appropriate websites for each agency or board.
This list is searchable and sortable using Excel program functionality, and is also available in .csv form for devices that do not have an Excel program installed.

Download Certified and Licensed Occupations Boards List

Oklahoma Department of Consumer Credit

The Oklahoma Department of Consumer Credit has license rosters of currently regulated industries. The Department is responsible for the licensing and regulation of mortgage brokers, mortgage lenders, mortgage loan originators, pawnshops, deferred deposit lenders, rental purchase lessors, health spa contracts, credit service organizations, consumer litigation funders, and precious metal and gem dealers.

This information changes periodically, so if any of the information in this document appears incorrect or incomplete, please share the update in the comments or suggestions form.

Legal Authority: 43 O.S. 139.1