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Changes to OSIS regarding daycare services and child support cooperation

The Center for Business Excellence and Customer Service is happy to announce changes to OSIS regarding daycare services and child support cooperation today, 3/27/20!


On March 3, 2020, OKDHS Director Justin Brown issued OHS 20-01, Child Care Subsidy effective March 3, 2020. This memorandum changed DHS policy regarding daycare and Child Support cooperation.


  • Programming has been completed on OSIS that will stop the creation of daycare only child support referrals.  If the custodial person receives other state benefits that require child support cooperation, referrals will continue to be created.   (See CSQuest article DHS Child Care Referrals to CSS )
  • Programming has been completed on OSIS to update the case closure analyzer. Daycare benefits will no longer prevent closure of a child support case.  (See CSQuest article Identifying and Closing Child Care Subsidy Cases )
  • Non-cooperation for custodial parents will continue to be reported to PS2, but AFS staff will not sanction daycare services.
  • The federal requirement for child support cooperation in order to receive TANF and Adult Medical remain unchanged.
  • If a daycare only customer would like child support services, they should be directed to complete a child support application at

If you have any questions, please contact the PFRs.

For technical issues please email *OCSS.OSIS.Q-A