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OCSE Child Support Report Newsletter Overview

The Child Support Report (CSR) is a newsletter that is published periodically, usually monthly, by the federal Office of Child Support Enforcement. The newsletters could include child support related articles from the United States or any other country. You can use this CSR link to find the current month’s and previous month’s newsletters at any time.

The Child Support Report newsletter highlights state initiatives and success stories. For an example of the type of information found in the CSR:

The April 2021 issue highlights the importance of teaching money management and encouraging financial stability for all Americans.  At least 1/3 of all children living in poverty are served by the child support program.  Another article features Oklahoma’s curbside genetic testing while another one addresses health disparities through collaborations and best practices. In addition, with help from OCSE’s digital marketing grant, the Indiana grantee was able to focus on how small changes could have a big impact in bringing people into the child support program.  And, finally, information about a little known exception to the typical low-wage prison job call the PIE certificate that helps incarcerated parents support their children.

You may reprint any article in its entirety (or contact the author or editor for permission to excerpt); however, please identify Child Support Report as the source.

Do you want to try your writing skills on a worthy subject relating to child support? OCSE welcomes articles and high-quality digital photos to consider for publication. OCSE reserves the right to edit for style, content and length, or to not accept an article. You can remit an article to Andrew Phifer, Editor at for possible publication in the Child Support Report.

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