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Components in Self-Paced Online Courses

If you have been in the LMS lately to view or enroll in training, you most likely have noticed the new look. Another change you’ll find in the LMS is in the self-paced courses.

New software is now being used to develop these trainings. The color scheme or theme may differ, but all of the functions within the training are the same depending on the functions the developers chose to include. For example, each course will contain a menu as well as text and graphics, but there are also interactive components that can be included in any training. Here are some of those interactions.

Accordion. The Accordion component contains headings that will, when selected, expand down to reveal knowledge and possibly a graphic of that topic.

Tab Control. Similar to the Accordion, the Tab Control has headings across the top which opens a window under the selected tab to give you information on that topic.

Hot Graphic. This component is a graphic containing hot spots you can click on which opens a box with information on that part of the graphic.

Narrative. The Narrative also contains information on a single topic divided into smaller portions. The Narrative is often used to present information and graphics on processes. For this component, arrows are used to navigate through the information.

Card. The Card is a fun way to present information on a single topic or to ask a question and find the answer on the back. You click on the button in the bottom right corner to flip the card.

Carousel. The Carousel is similar to the Narrative as it is useful when presenting information on a sequence or just lists and descriptions. The difference in using this component is that it contains a “Next” button as well as small dots that work as a progress indicator and shortcut to the associated page.

And finally, for the courses that contain quizzes, there are several options; Drag & Drop, Multiple Choice, Question Card, Fill in the Blanks, Multiple Choice and others.

Component Examples:

Tab control component.

Tab Control

Accordion component.

Accordion component

Multiple-Choice component.

Multiple-Choice component

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