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Consistent Excellence Business Process Documents

Consistent Excellence Mission: To identify, document and continually improve best practices and implement them as CSS Standard Operating Procedures through a uniform business model.

Consistent Excellence Vision: CSS customers receive quality services in the same way across the state.

For further information about this program, review the OCSS 11-03 Division Memo  about this program.  If you have CE subject matter topics for consideration, questions about approved or pending processes, or any comments or concerns about the CE program please send them to:  Center for Business Excellence and Customer Service

Below is a list of the approved Consistent Excellence business process documents.  To access the actual documents, please go to Center for Business Excellence and Customer Service.

The CE Governance document is also found within the Center’s page.


  • Hearing Entries in OSIS

Case Initiation & Case Closure

  • Child Support Applications
  • AFS Referrals
  • OHCA Referrals
  • Unknown NCPs


  • Civil Contempt
  • Right-Sizing Orders

Finance & Budget

  • Arrears Computation
  • Interest
  • Juvenile Finance
  • Overpayments
  • Unreimbursed Assistance
  • Updating OSIS Screens


  • Registration of Foreign Order Administrative Court
  • Registration of Foreign Order District Court
  • CE Executive Summary RFO Administrative and District Courts


  • Acknowledgement of Paternity
  • Paternity Legal Review Process Summary
  • Paternity Legal Review Process

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