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Correcting Pending OSIS Documents

Occasionally documents are “pended” in OSIS. This means they fail to print and generally require correction before they will generate. Follow these short steps to check pended OSIS documents and view what needs to be corrected in before the document can be generated.

csdocp screen. Type the command next to the document line.
An example of the list screen in SCDOCP
  1. In OSIS, type CSDOCP and press Enter to see your pended documents.
  2. The list of documents that pended in your U# will appear.
  3. To see other employees pended documents, type CSDOCP[space]U# and press Enter.
  4. Tab to the desired document.
  5. Enter the action code letter “L” in the Option field next to the document in question.
  6. R
    = Retry: Entering this option will instruct OSIS to retry printing the document. This option should be used after attempting to correct the reason the document was pended.
    = List Reasons: Entering this option will display the reason the document was pended.
    = Pull: Entering this option will remove the pended document from the print/pend queue.
  7. In this example, the AP address is missing or invalid.
  8. Update OSIS with the appropriate data in the appropriate screen.
  9. Return to CSDOCP and tab to the desired document.
  10. Enter the action code letter “R” in the Option field next to the desired document to retry printing, press Enter.
  11. Wait a few moments for the system to refresh, and then check CSDOCP again to confirm that the document is no longer listed. If it is no longer listed, the document was successfully generated.

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