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CP Service Fees Q & A

Legal Authority:
OAC 340:25-5-351(b)

The Custodial Person is now being charged a 3% service fee for the collection of Child Support. The Service Fee will not exceed $10 per month or $120 annually on child support collected. Individuals receiving TANF and Medicaid will not be subject to fee; however, child-only Medical cases will be assessed the fee.

question: Which cases are eligible for the fee?

  1. Child ONLY medical cases
  2. MEO cases
  3. Full service cases ( both in state and interstate)
  4. Daycare cases
  5. CPs with more than one case will have the fee collected for EACH qualifying FGN separately


question: Which cases are NOT eligible for the fee?

  1. TANF cases
  2. Pass thru cases
  3. Cases with the CP on medical- must be on active medical on the first day of the effective month of the collection if not the fee will be assessed
  4. Tribal cases listed in a tribal office code


question: What to check to see if a fee was incorrectly charged on a case?


  1. CCPI needs to be updated with the CORRECT HCA and PS2 (C# or H#) case numbers. Please check to make sure that the case numbers reflect the ACTIVE cases that the CP is currently on. If an inactive number is listed on CCPI this could cause the fee to be assessed incorrectly.
  2. HCAI screen showing program ID and begin and end dates
    When looking at the HCAL/HCAI title 19 must be populated in the program field with a future end date in order for the fee to be waived. Any other program and the CP is eligible for the fee to be assessed. Family planning and other programs are eligible for the fee only title 19 is not.
  3. CMM showing when the medical benefit started
    You can use CMM to see when the medical benefit started as well.
  4. EFHP showing when a customer was added to benefits
    EFHP screen can be used to see if the medical benefit has a case status of “V” this is what the system is looking for when reviewing for the fee. If the “V” is there the system then looks to see if the customer is added to the benefit section.


question: What to do if a fee is incorrectly assessed?

EFHP showing when a customer was added to benefits

Please get with the finance staff in your office to do a finance action request to have the fee released to the CP. Please check the above items before sending a finance action request. Please also make sure the case is properly cross referenced before sending a finance action request. If the CP was truly eligible for the fee or the case is not cross referenced correctly the finance action request will be returned.

Please note that if the CP on an FGN has not been tied to the HCA case, OSIS will assess the fee. This will result in some CPs being assessed the fee that should not have been. For many reasons (family violence and non-coop, for example), it is critical that these cross-references are made for the CPs at the time they go on SoonerCare. To cross-reference a CP, enter the HCA Reference Case number and IND ID on the CCPU screen.

If a CP calls in and reports to CARE that the 3% fee has been deducted, but they are included in the medical benefit, an FYI CARE message will be sent with the subject title: **3% CP fee with Active Medical**. Using this subject line will aid the office in quickly identifying cases with this issue.

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