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DHS/CSS Onboarding – New Employees and their Supervisors

Onboarding new staff is very important to help a new employee acclimate well to the DHS Child Support Services work environment.  Information that follows should help guide both a supervisor and the new hire.

OK DHS is all one team and we are delighted to have you as a member of CSS and the DHS team.  Information can be found on the InfoNet at Getting Onboard with DHS.  There are two links within the previous information;

  1. One of the links is written for a person new to DHS called Welcome to “We!” and
  2. The second link is for a person if they are a Supervisor for a New Employee. Within this second link are seven additional links that could be very helpful to you as a supervisor.
    1. Before the First Day – contains some of the things, including documents, that supervisors must do in preparation for a new employee’s first day
    2. The First Day – this day is a critical part of the overall onboarding process and while completing necessary paperwork is important it should not be the focus of the day
    3. The First Week – contains information about resources and becoming acclimated to the job and environment
    4. The First 90 Days – contains information about completion of new employee training and the finalization of all paperwork
    5. The First Year – encompasses additional training and other career development activity
    6. The 5 Questions Supervisors Need to Ask – lists the questions that supervisors need to ask each new employee after 30, 60, 90, 180 and 365 days to help gauge the success of onboarding
    7. Selecting a Job Tutor – covers information on how to select a person to help tutor a new team member

In addition, Child Support Services has its own onboarding process.