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FTI: Using the Shared Documents folder

This is how we protect someone’s privacy while sharing documents that contain sensitive information.

Policy: 340:25-5-67 ITS 2

“CSS staff does not share federal tax information in Microsoft Office 365 applications including, but not limited to, Outlook email, Yammer, Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, and Planner.”

Any document that needs to be shared that contains FTI information must not be sent via Outlook or any Microsoft Office 365 product. Instead, use the Shared documents folder. This folder is located on the STO W drive.  The path to get there is:

Workgroups (W:) > CSED > Shared documents.

To learn how to map this W drive to your computer, and other organizing tips, read the Quest article Mapping to the State Office W Drive.

In the Shared documents folder there are two subfolders:

Two directories with folder icons.

Only place ACs in these folders.
Other documents
This is for any other document that could have FTI information that we need to share with another office or someone at STO.

Both folders have subfolders for each office as well as for each center in STO.  The Other documents folder has folders for each office as well as a PFR folder and an OSIS Q&A folder. Use the PFR folder to send a screen shot to the PFRs (Program Field Representatives) for help with a question. Email your question to the PFRs as usual, and mention in the email that there is a document in this PFR folder. The OSIS Q&A folder is for use with questions that are sent to OSIS Q&A that require a screen shot. You will still email your question to OSIS Q&A, but include a note that there is a document in this folder.

Include the FGN in the name of the document when saving it to these folders. This makes it easy for the recipient to find in the folder.

Documents should be saved in the folder associated with the document’s recipient. For example, if you want someone in the Norman office to see a document, place that document in the NOR folder.


  • Always send an email to the recipient of the document that you are saving in the folders
  • Folders will not be checked unless an email is received
  • Please keep the folders clean by deleting items when no longer needed