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How is the NMSN Used?

Legal Authorities:

When a child support order includes a provision ordering a parent to provide health insurance for a child, the NMSN is used to communicate that information to the parent’s employer.

The NMSN is sent to the employer of a noncustodial parent or a custodian. The NMSN is NOT sent to the employer of a step-parent, biological parent who is not also the custodian or other third party who is not specifically ordered to enroll a child in health insurance. Additionally, the NMSN is NOT sent to the Department of Defense or any military branch.

CAUTION: The information on the NMSN is confidential and employers should be cautioned to NOT provide a copy of the NMSN to a noncustodial parent. When family violence has been indicated on a CSS case, the NMSN is produced with a substitute agency address instead of the custodian’s address to protect the location of the child(ren).