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How to Add Documents to Workflow

Follow these steps to add documents to Workflow.

Select the desired document and drag and drop it into the Polling folder. Note that the document must be saved as a PDF and it must “named” as a user number.

Desktop with arrow indicating moving a PDF into Workflow folder.

Open OAH Workflow and select the desired document.

Main menu of OAH Workflow with document location highlighted.

The selected document will appear on the Workitem Detail – Case Worker Review page

OAH Workflow showing Workitem detail showing selected document.

Drag and drop additional documents into Workflow keeping in mind the documents must be PDFs

Saved document with arrow pointing to OAH Workflow indicating dragging and dropping the document.

OAH Workflow showing added PDF.

After dropping the document into Workflow select where you want to insert the document

OAH Workflow showing drop-down menu with where documents can be rearranged.

The added document will appear accordingly

OAH Workflow showing that document position in an existing document has been changed.

If the pages aren’t in the correct order they may be rearranged

OAH Page drop-down menu showing how pages can be reordered.

OAH Workflow showing how the document has been rearranged with pages inserted where the user wants them.