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How to Request Documents through Electronic Document Exchange

Electronic Document Exchange (EDE) allows users to request electronic documents from other states. This article provides instruction on how to determine which documents they allow other states to request and the steps to do so.

Each state determines which documents it will allow other states to request. For example, in Virginia currently only Support Orders and Arrears Calculations with Balance may be requested. Not every state uses Electronic Document Exchange (EDE). To find the states and territories that use EDE, go to the Child Support Portal, go to Helpful Information in the General Tab, and see States’ EDE Status.

Here are the steps for requesting electronic documents from other states through EDE:


  • From the drop down menu, select Electronic Document Exchange.
    Screen print of the Child Support Portal home screen drop down menu.


  • You are now logged onto EDE and have a few options.
    Screen print of the Child Support Portal Welcome screen.


  • EDE options include:
    • Request Documents
    • Query FCR
    • Respond to Requests
    • View Responses
    • Upload Unsolicited Documents
    • View Unsolicited Documents
    • Download Unsolicited Documents
    • Reports
    • Intergovernmental Reference Guide
      Screen print of the Child Support Portal EDE options.


  • To request a document from another state, click Request Documents and complete the fields, then click Next. If you include your email address, you should receive an email when the requested document is received in EDE.
    Screen print of the Request Documents screen.


  • Enter the document Information
    • Select FCR participant name or enter the participant details
    • Select the Doc Type and click next.

    Insert screen print of Document Types and Parameters.


  • Lastly, review the request. If it looks correct, click verify.