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How to View and Export OAH Documents

You can now access you OAH folders, ESC documents and the AOP database all in one place by opening the Document Image Retriever.

The document image retriever icon on the pc desktop.

Select OTGLED01 from the drop-down menu.

AppXtender showing drop down menu with OTGLEG01 highlighted.

Select the OAHDOCK application.

Among choices on the left pane, OAHDOCK is highlightec.


Tasks in OAHDOCK with New Query highlighted.

Enter the OAH number for the case document(s) you want to view then select RUN.

OAHDOCK search criteria page with Run highlighted.

The year must be a the full four digit number, not the abbreviated two digit number. Do not enter the office code.

The “Query Results” page will show any documents that have been filed in OAH.

OAHDOCK query results showing documents by OAH number, date, and title of document.

There are a few options to view the results of your query.

  1. You can preview any document by hovering the mouse over the document or page icon. At the bottom of the preview screen are controls that allow you to adjust the viewing size or navigate to specific pages without opening the document. Hover the mouse cursor over the document expands the selection showing more of what is in the document.
  2. “Check” the selected document and a menu of quick action options will appear. Choosing “Export” will give you options for exporting.
    Clicking the document reveals Quick Action menu with Export highlighted.
    The Export Menu expanded to reveal document export options.
  3. Selecting the blue circled triangle will open a menu of quick actions to choose from.
    Quick Action Menu from View More circled triangle.

On an opened document there are several actions that may be taken. To make annotations or redactions see Making Redactions and Annotations on OAH Documents.

Exporting documents: Select export.

Opened document with control ribbon highlighted and Export highlighted.

Choose your menu preference(s) and select “EXPORT”.

Selections on how the document will be exported.

Open the Save options and choose “Save As”.

The Export confirmation messages with Save As highlighted.

Select a location to save the document.  You may rename the document but do not change Save as type; keep in PDF format.
Personal files on personal computer with Documents file highlighted.

The document will be saved to the location selected.

Personal files on personal computer showing location of newly exported document.