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Implemented Bright Ideas – April 2020 through June 2020

The Bright Ideas program gives CSS Staff a voice to offer suggestions of opportunity for all improvements – OSIS and other systems improvements, as well as ideas regarding budget savings and program efficiency.

If you have a great idea to improve child support performance, budget savings, or program efficiency, please email your idea to *OCSS.BrightIdeas.

There will be an article for each quarter of the year for implemented Bright Ideas.  The most recent month will be listed in the article first.  Each article will be published no later than the month following the quarter in which the Bright Ideas were implemented.

No Bright Ideas for April 2020.


May 2020

Bright Idea # 1016-03

We would like to thank the Center for Coordinated Programs, and Contract Monitor for the Case Initiation Center, for submitting the following Bright Idea that has been accepted, developed and now implemented.  This Bright Idea is in production as of 5/5/2020.

Current Situation
We are wanting to create a new user that functions like the VACANT user in OSIS. This user ID would be used for new cases that CIC builds. It was agreed by the district offices that putting a case in this new user name would assist the offices in finding cases that may not have made it to their efile. We were thinking using something like NEWCIC or CICNEW or something along those lines.
CBECS IT Resources completed programming to enhance the Referral Process to provide a means of accessing all newly created cases with a single search via the CLOW/CLOWI/CLOWN displays. We created a new generic Worker ID that will be assigned to all new Referrals processed by the CIC. The PIT decided the new generic Worker ID would be “CICNEW”. This new Worker ID can then be used as a search parameter in the CLOW, CLOWI, and CLOWN transactions in order to locate all new cases created by CIC staff (e.g. CLOW CICNEW).

Note: This functionality is only available on referrals, reopens and applications processed from today (5/5/20) forward. Cases processed prior today will still follow the old format.

Current Process:  RFLI

Current Process: RFLI.

Modified Process:  RFLI

Modified Process: RFLI.

Modified Transaction:  CLOW/CLOWI/CLOWN

Modified Transaction: CLOW/CLOWI/CLOWN.

Access CLOW (as shown above) by typing CLOWI^Office Code^CICNEW.

CIC staff will also have the ability to update the Worker ID for all reopens that they process to CICNEW on the CSCU transaction.


Bright Idea # 0120-08

We would like to thank the TUW Child Support Office, for submitting the following Bright Idea that has been accepted, developed and now implemented.  This Bright Idea is in production as of 6/8/2020.

Current Situation
I would like to submit a Bright Idea to add a screen to the GLS set of screens so that we can figure private insurance costs for the child only prior to completing the GLS on the system. As it is, there is no screen to complete to figure private insurance costs for the child only, and you are to use the Word version. The ALC-GLSI document that I have been told is to be manually updated prints with the blanks completed with $0s. It makes no sense to update it manually after you print the GLS because you need the cost for the child only to complete you GLS screens prior to printing. It also prints with each blank filled in with $0s, it doesn’t make sense that anyone would fill that out manually because you would have to mark out everything that is prefilled out and you print it after the guidelines so you would have to reprint guidelines after completing it to include the cost of insurance if you use the ALC version. I think that not having a screen to figure out the cost of insurance for the child only and being advised to use the Word version prohibits effective use of the GLS screen and ALC-GLS.
CBECS IT Resources have completed programming to remove the GLSI, Insurance Premium Worksheet , from the Child Support Guidelines document that prints from ALC. Previously, a worker had the option to uncheck the box for the GLSI when printing Child Support Guidelines. Now, the GLS is a stand-alone document in ALC.

Current Process

Currently, when a user prints the Child Support Guidelines from ALC, the GLSI prints as part of the package.  However, unless the NCP or CP pays for private insurance through their employer, the GLSI prints with all zeroes, which can be confusing for customers and staff.

Modified Process

The GLS and GLSE are now stand-alone documents. If a worker needs to calculate Child Support Guidelines which include private insurance premiums, they can select the GLSI on its own.

Bright Idea # 0318-04

We would like to thank the CSS Employer Services Center, for submitting the following Bright Idea that has been accepted, developed and now implemented.  This Bright Idea is in production as of 5/8/2020.

Current Situation
After reviewing several IANE errors, specifically error “13 – NCP INCARCERATED” I’d like to submit a possible fix for sending IWO’s to a (formerly) incarcerated NCP’s new employer. It appears many NCP’s who are no longer incarcerated are still in Status 10/19 and an IWO does not automatically issue to an employer added by Quarterly Wage or New Hire.
CBECS IT resources updated the IWO analyzer to no longer exclude cases in status 10, Priority 19. The IANE message #13 was also eliminated. When a New Hire or Quarterly Wage match of employment is received, just like in most cases, an automated IWO will be queued for issuance. All automated IWOs first go to the IWO pull list screen IANU/IANI for 2 days, then are host printed and mailed. Amended IWOs will also automatically issue when appropriate for a case in Status 10, Reason 19 status.
Note: There will be occasions when an NCP is both employed and still under the supervision of the Department of Corrections, or other facility. This can happen during work release or halfway house placements, and the NCP may not be receiving the full amount of the funds that an employer is paying. If contacted by the NCP, their employer or the Corrections agency, please consult with your Managing and State’s Attorney to determine if alternative arrangements need to be made on a case by case basis.

If the obligation for the NCP is zero, then an IANE message 06 will be issued. The case will need to be reviewed to determine if the NCP has been released from custody and if court ordered amount of time has lapsed after release for the obligation to be updated to another amount.
The IANE transaction was not modified as part of this Bright Idea; only the IWO analyzer was changed.

IANE transactions history.

June 2020

Bright Idea # 0616-04

We would like to thank the Center for Business Excellence and Customer Service, for submitting the following Bright Idea that has been accepted, developed and now implemented.  This Bright Idea is in production as of 6/30/2020.

Current Situation
I think it would be useful to have a history screen for REFU/I allowing users to see if and when interstate referrals have been terminated and reactivated. The data for this already exists in an OSIS database. The use for this information was found during my Lean Six Sigma group’s project. The Bright Ideas Committee agreed that this was a needed project, as it is causing discrepancies on line 27 of the 157 report.
CBECS IT Resources have completed programming to create two new transactions in OSIS – the REFL, or intergovernmental referral listing screen, and REFH, or the referral history screen.
RFLI Screen - Current Process.Previously, staff could only view the list of intergovernmental referrals on an FGN by viewing CSML, and then toggling back and forth between CSML and the various REFI sequences to locate the appropriate referral. This new transaction should ease this process. Access this transaction by entering REFL . Referrals are then listed in ascending order.

New OSIS Transaction: REFH
RFli Screen – Modified Process.
New OSIS Transaction: REFHThis transaction is accessed by entering REFH <FGN> <Referral Sequence Number>.

REFH also has toggle keys to go forward and backward through the list of intergovernmental referrals.  PF7 goes backwards, and PF8 goes forward.  The PF3 key will return you to the REFA screen for the intergovernmental referral sequence that the worker was researching on REFH.