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Implemented Bright Ideas – July 2020 through September 2020

The Bright Ideas program gives CSS Staff a voice to offer suggestions of opportunity for all improvements – OSIS and other systems improvements, as well as ideas regarding budget savings and program efficiency.

If you have a great idea to improve child support performance, budget savings, or program efficiency, please email your idea to *OCSS.BrightIdeas.

There will be an article for each quarter of the year for implemented Bright Ideas.

The most recent month will be listed in the article first. Each article will be published no later than the month following the quarter in which the Bright Ideas were implemented.

July 2020

Bright Idea #0616-04

We would like to thank Cory Cloud, of the Center for Business Excellence and Customer Service, for submitting the following Bright Idea that has been accepted, developed and now implemented.  This Bright Idea is in production as of yesterday, June 30, 2020.  Additionally, we would like to thank PIT Members Bruni Warren (LAW Child Support Office), Al Pavatt (MUS Child Support Office) and Tina Saner (ARD Child Support Office) for participating in this effort!

Current Situation

I think it would be useful to have a history screen for REFU/I allowing users to see if and when interstate referrals have been terminated and reactivated. The data for this already exists in an OSIS database. The use for this information was found during my Lean Six Sigma group’s project.  The Bright Ideas Committee agreed that this was a needed project, as it is causing discrepancies on line 27 of the 157 report.


CBECS IT Resources have completed programming to create two new transactions in OSIS – the REFL, or intergovernmental referral listing screen, and REFH, or the referral history screen.

New OSIS Transaction:  REFL

New OSIS Transaction: REFL

Previously, staff could only view the list of intergovernmental referrals on an FGN by viewing CSML, and then toggling back and forth between CSML and the various REFI sequences to locate the appropriate referral. This new transaction should ease this process.

Access this transaction by entering REFL <FGN>. Referrals are then listed in ascending order.

New OSIS Transaction:  REFH

New OSIS Transaction: REFH

This transaction is accessed by entering REFH <FGN> <Referral Sequence Number>.  REFH also has toggle keys to go forward and backward through the list of intergovernmental referrals.  PF7 goes backwards, and PF8 goes forward.  The PF3 key will return you to the REFA screen for the intergovernmental referral sequence that the worker was researching on REFH.

August 2020

Bright Idea # 1014-04

We would like to thank Jennifer Franklin, of the Center for Finance and Budget, for submitting the following Bright Idea that has been accepted, developed and now implemented.  This Bright Idea is in production as of August 4, 2020.

Current Situation

It would be very helpful if the CF25DTF and CF25DET transactions had PF7/PF8 keys to toggle from fiscal year to fiscal year. Instead of typing CF25DTF FGN CP# FFY every time you need to access a different fiscal year. Thanks.


CBECS IT resources modified the CF25DTF and CS25DET transactions to add PF7 and PF8 toggle keys.

PF7/PF8 Keys
Each screen uses the Federal Fiscal Year in the format of CCYY. If a federal fiscal year is not provided each screen will use the current federal fiscal year which is calculated from Oct. thru Sept.  The PF7 key will subtract one from the current fiscal year being processed.

The PF8 key will add one to the current fiscal year being processed.

Using 2020 has the current federal year, pressing PF7 will subtract one from 2020 giving 2019 has the federal fiscal year to use to look for fee activities for the FGN/CP.

Using 2020 has the current federal year, pressing PF8 will add one to 2020 giving 2021 has the federal fiscal year to use to use to look for fee activities for the FGN/CP.

Current CF25DTF Transaction:

Current CF25DTF Transaction

Current CF25DTF Transaction:

Current CF25DTF Transaction

Modified Transactions:  CF25DTF

Modified Transactions: CF25DTF

Modified Transactions:  CF25DET

Modified Transactions: CS25DET

Bright Idea #0419-09

We would like to thank Chance Wimberly of the Durant Child Support Office, and Bettite Davenport of the Center for Operations, for submitting the following Bright Ideas that have been accepted, developed and now implemented.  These Bright Ideas are in production as of 8/11/2020.

Current Situation

I would like to suggest that a line for the certified mail tracking number/EZ Messenger job number be added to the DOCSL screen. It would eliminate the need to pull the case file from the hearing cabinet to check the delivery status. Staff could simply go to the DOCSL screen, retrieve the number then check the status on the USPS website.

Bright Idea #1219-07

Submitted by Bettite Davenport

Current Situation

During this conversation, I began to wonder whether it might be possible to add a field to the DOCSL screen that is something like “affidavit received?”  with a Y/N response character.  I don’t have the screen up in front of me but I think there’s some part to be completed after the hearing. Does that make sense?  As to getting people aware of the importance of completing it DOCSL in general, I’m going to talk to the enforcement PFR(s) and see if they can add something to help people understand that this is crucial to other issues.


CBECS IT Resources completed programming to add the requested fields to the Document Service (DOCSA/DOCSI/DOCSI/DOCSC) family of transactions.  These new fields on the Document Service screens will hold three separate pieces of information:  (a) the certified mail tracking number, (b) the EZ Messenger tracking number, and (c) Affidavit of Service returned, which is a Y/N indicator.  The third field was added as it has been reported that EZ Messenger has not consistently been providing CSS staff with Affidavits of Service when announcing that service was perfected against a case participant.  This field will be used to tracking purposes for the EZ Messenger Contract Monitor, Bettite Davenport.

Current Process: DOCSI

Current Process: DOCSI

Modified Transaction:  DOCSI.  The new fields are highlighted below.

Modified Transaction: DOCSI

The Certified Mail Tracking Number field has enough space for the 22 character tracking number, and the EZ Messenger Tracking Number field allows for up to nine (9) characters.  Currently, EZ Messenger Tracking Numbers are seven (7) digits long.  Please note:  The Certified Mail Tracking Number and the EZ Messenger Job Number must be numeric; otherwise, staff will receive an error message.

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