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Important information for Teleworking

Sent: Tuesday, March 17, 2020 4:19 PM
Subject: Instructions for Teleworking with a Personal Computer

Note: Use the instructions below. Do not use Gemini. Use the RDP option and remote into your office computer.  Staff are experiencing lags and issues with Gemini.

If when you are trying to log in and the Pulse Realm has changed to Realm with choices of Standard or Two-Factor Authorization, and it also tells you to “Please use the ‘Standard’ realm unless otherwise instructed.” Do not worry. Just enter again, and it will return to the version you want to use.  Just remember to change the Realm back to RDP.

Use these instructions if you are a CSS employee using your personal computer (non-DHS) to log in (telework).

  • You must have a DHS computer (desktop or laptop) plugged into the network at the office. And it must be on.
  • This option allows you to remote into your DHS computer in the office, which should include your network drives.
  • Your personal computer needs Windows 7/8.1 thru 10


**For Windows 10 users only**
S Mode must be disabled before starting this process.

The example below uses Chrome. Edge will also work, but may look slightly different. Some browsers may not work for this process.


When using the VPN solution there are 3 different choices for connecting.  This solution describes selecting the “Realm” option of OKDHS-RDP Access


The Realm Option OKDHS—RDP Access allows access to your DHS office computer from any computer including your personal home computer.   This solution can be used with a state issued laptop or a personal computer.  This solution requires that the Pulse Secure Terminal Services Client be installed on your computer or laptop. 


When logging into the website below and selecting the OKDHS-RDP Realm, then selecting your computer name, the Pulse Secure Terminal Services client will automatically attempt to download.  Or you can use the download function on the site.  Once downloaded the Pulse Secure Terminal Services Client must be installed.  You should only have to do the installation the first time.  Once installed, when selecting your computer, it should automatically start.  Once started you will be prompted for your user id and password.


The steps below outline this process.


Login to and the following page will appear.

Choose OKDHS-RDP Access

Once you click on the sign in button the screen below will appear

Choose your computer name.  You may only have one.  Ensure this is the computer name of your DHS computer at the office.  If you don’t know what your computer name is, then ask someone in your office to log into your computer and send you the computer name.

Note: Computer names start with W when the computer is a workstation followed by your server name, then the Dell Tag number.  The example below indicates the server name is S94X02 and the Dell Tag number is 2Z7T182 and 2Z5T182. **See instructions for finding your computer name at the bottom.

If your specific office computer name is not listed,  email a request to the OMES Servicedesk to have helpdesk ticket created and assigned to the IS- Security OKDHS team in Cherwell.

Example text: “Please add computer xxxxxxxxxxxx to my RDP Pulse Secure options so I can remote into this computer.”

When you click on your computer name, the system will attempt to install the Pulse Secure Terminal Services Client software needed to access your computer.

The following dialog box may display,

The system will attempt to determine if the Pulse Secure Terminal Services Client is already installed.  If so, it should automatically start.  If not, the below message should appear.  In which case you need to download the software.

*** Be sure to note what folder you saved the download to.  The default is “My Downloads”. ***

Click on the “Download” button.  Choose to Save File.

Select a folder to save the file in.

Browse to the folder where the download was saved to.   Launch Installer by double clicking the file PulseSecureAppLauncher.msi

The following window will appear.

click OK

Go back to the browser session and press click “Here” from the page where you downloaded the installer.

Note:  If the session has timed out you may have to login back in again and select the OKDHS-RDP Access Realm.

Press click “Here” to open the Pulse Secure Terminal Services Client.

You will be prompted to login to your computer. This will be the DHS network user id and password that you normally login to your computer with.

Once your password has been entered, click “OK” and the following screen will appear.

Click OK again on the above screen.  And your desktop will appear.  You might not have the same background color.  Verify that these are the icons or files that would normally be on your desktop. If the desktop does not have your normal icons or files, then you may be accessing a different computer.

Maximize screen by clicking in the maximize button in the upper right.

If you have more than one monitor, your screen will use both of them.  If you only have one then your icons and files will appear on one screen.

Once you maximize your screen you will see the “ribbon” at the top with your work computer name on it.

Don’t Forget: When exiting your computer don’t forget to log off.  Click on the start button then see image below, choose log off.  Choose Disconnect.

How to Find your computer name on your DHS computer. 

To find your computer name:

Log onto your DHS computer.

Click the windows button on the bottom left of your desktop:

Select Computer:

Right Click Computer


A window will pop up and your computer name is at the bottom of the box next to an image of a computer.

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