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Income Withholding Order (IWO) for Unemployment Insurance Benefits (UIB)

States can fall into three different classifications for UIB:

  1. Easy states – accepts direct IWO
  2. Medium states – accepts limited service intergovernmental referrals
  3. Hard states – requires a full service intergovernmental referral

If a state accepts IWOs directly, OSIS will automatically send an IWO for that state.

If a state does not accept IWOs but does accept limited services intergovernmental referrals OSIS will automatically print a Transmittal #1 at the district office. OSIS also creates an information only referral that is pended. The child support specialist will tie that REFI referral to the obligation and mail the Transmittal #1 with any required documents to the other state.

If a state does not accept direct IWOs or limited service referrals, then a full service intergovernmental referral is done and forwarded to the state’s central registry.