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Individual Learning Plan and CSS Training Requirements

Below are links to use when developing annual Individual Learning Plans for staff and when planning for any other training requirements for new or current staff, supervisors, and attorneys.

The Individual Learning Plan (ILP) is used at least on an annual basis to help the Supervisor and Employee plan for an employee’s training requirements. The form includes several sections—Demographic, Primary Responsibilities, Required Prior to Academy, Resources, and an agreement/signature section. There is also an ILP for new managers who are new to a supervisory position. This ILP outlines all of the professional development requirements.

Once the ILP is completed, an employee can register for training on CSS Learning Management System (LMS) for credit through the Learning Opportunities and Upcoming Events article.

The Child Support Services (CSS) Training Requirements Matrix details the training courses available to CSS staff. Section One of the matrix lays out the New Hire curriculum requirements for employees with less than one year of employment or new to supervisory positions. Section Two of the matrix lays out the Annual curriculum requirements for employees with one year or more of employment.  Each section has separate columns for Staff, Supervisors, and Attorneys with each column broken out by DHS and Non-DHS requirements.