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Intercepting Crime Victim Payments

Child Support Services (CSS) intercepts payments made to obligors by the Oklahoma Crime Victims Compensation Board (OCVCB). Funds are disbursed for medical bills, counseling, funeral costs, lost wages, and crime scene cleanup. In 2009, the $20,000 cap on compensation per crime increased to $40,000. The new law allows for an additional $20,000, if needed, for lost wages.

CSS shares a data file of child support obligors, and custodial persons with overpayments, with the OCVCB through a File Transfer Process (FTP) that allows OCVCB to match all their claims against child support obligors.

The data file includes this information about the child support customer:

  • Social Security Number (SSN)
  • Family Group Number (FGN)
  • Last Name
  • First Name
  • Middle Initial
  • Liability (e.g. child support owed, overpayment)

Referral and Intercept of OCVCB payments

Referrals are sent when an obligor has a past due balance (or overpayment), including interest, of $50 or more.

When a child support customer is to receive a payment on a claim, OCVCB contacts CSS’ OCVCB coordinator at State Office. CSS’ OCVCB Coordinator reviews OSIS screens CFRB, CFABI, CFFBI, CIRI, OVPL and INTF (for interest only) to determine the exact amount of arrearage. Not all payments from the OCVCB to an obligor will be intercepted. CSS determines the appropriateness of intercepting each part of each claim based on the type of expenses being paid by the OCVCB to compensate the victim.

CSS receives details on all claims paid to CSS customers so that our district offices may have a better understanding of each claimant’s resources. This may prevent an NCP from telling a judge that they could not pay child support because they must pay for a funeral that they actually had paid through a claim with OCVCB.

Types of OCVCB payments Intercepted

Payments from OCVCB for Income Loss and/or Medical/Dental/Rehabilitation/Counseling are intercepted in all cases.

Payments from OCVCB for Loss of Support or Replacement Services are reviewed by the CSS Director on a case-by-case basis (in consultation with the district office, OCVCB and the Center for Coordinated Programs). Payments from OCVCB for Loss of Support or Replacement Services may be taken in full or part or released from intercept.

CSS does not intercept payments from OCVCB for:

  • Caregiver Work Loss
  • Funeral / Homicide Crime Scene Cleanup / Grief Counseling
  • Future Economic Loss, if paid directly to a service provider

Note: Funds received by a victim of Domestic Violence will not be intercepted at all.

CSS Responsibilities after intercept

The CSS OCVCB coordinator informs the child support office handling the case(s) and the Center for Finance and Budget by email of the intercept. The coordinator sends notification to the obligor by letter informing them of the offset and their right to request an Administrative Review.

The Center for Finance and Budget places a hold on intercepted funds until informed by the child support office that the 10-day period for requesting a review has elapsed or the requested Administrative Review is complete.

CSS district offices conduct the Administrative Review and provide the obligor notice of the review decision and right to appeal.

Legal Authorities

21 O.S. § 142.13 Crime Victims Compensation Board
OAC 340:25-5-305 Overpayment
OAC 340:25-5-200.1 Administrative Review

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