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Juvenile Cases and Medical Support Orders

Legal Authority: 45 CFR 303.31


When a child is in DHS or OJA custody and that child(ren) is covered by a government medical assistance program, such as SoonerCare, the medical support order should be entered as shown below due to medical coverage issues with the Oklahoma Healthcare Authority.

Please note, if the order you are using has lapse of coverage language, leave it blank.

A. Medical Support Definitions

“Reasonable in cost” means that the pro rata share of the child(ren)’s actual premium cost paid by the insured does not exceed five percent (5%) of the gross income of the person ordered to provide coverage. The share of premium (as shown on Line 14 of the child support computation) for the parent providing the coverage should not exceed 5% (as shown on Line 24 of the child support computation) of the gross monthly income.

“Accessible” means there are available providers appropriate to meet the child(ren)’s individual health care needs within 60 miles one-way from the primary residence of the child(ren).

B. Medical Support Order

 Mother Unchecked box. Father Checked box.Other

[Specify name and relationship to the children]: N / A

Checked box. Government Medical Assistance Program.

Child(ren) is/are covered under health care  coverage provided by a government medical assistance program or health plan such as SoonerCare. The person who has enrolled the child(ren) shall cooperate fully with the government medical assistance program to maintain coverage as long as the child(ren) remain eligible.

Checked box. Cash Medical Support

(1) The obligor shall pay cash medical support because:

Checked box. health care coverage is being provide through a governmental medical assistance program or health plan;

Unchecked box. a health care plan is available but it is not

Unchecked box. reasonable in cost or

Unchecked box. accessible to the minor child(ren);

Unchecked box. there is no dependent health care coverage available or there is no information about health care coverage;

Checked box. it is in the best interests of the child(ren) not to order health insurance; therefore, the court declines to order the obligor to obtain health insurance for the minor child(ren). In accordance with 43 O.S.   118F(F), cash medical may not be terminated without court order; therefore, the provisions of subsection (3) below do not apply.