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Legal Actions Available for Non-Payment of Support

Below is a chart of the legal actions available for non-payment of support.  The chart of actions is divided into three parts:

  1. Deprivation of Property (separated by Money-Periodic, Money-Lump Sum, Personal and Real);
  2. Deprivation of Rights and Privileges; and,
  3. Deprivation of Liberty.

Each Legal Action indicates the legal cite, whether the action is an automated, semi-automated, or manual process, and whether the action is centralized.

Printable chart (PDF)

Deprivation of Property

Money (Periodic) Legal Cites Automated or Manual Centralized (Yes/No)
Income Assignment (Wages) 12 O.S. 1171.3 Automated Manual No
Garnishment (Wages) 12 O.S. 1178.1; District Court Rule 22 Manual No
Unemployment Benefits 40 O.S. 2-801 Automated Semi-Automated Manual No
Workers’ Compensation 12 O.S. 1171.3 Semi-Automated Yes
Retirement Payments 56 O.S. 240.23(A)(2)(c) Manual No
Bankruptcy Payments 11 U.S.C. 522 Manual Yes
Annual Notice (Judgment Payment) 56 O.S. 237A Manual No
Money (Lump Sum) Legal Cites Automated or Manual Centralized (Yes/No)
Workers’ Compensation 43 O.S. 135 Semi-Automated Yes
Retirement Accounts 56 O.S. 240.23(A)(2)(c) Semi-Automated No
Federal Tax Refund 45 CFR 303.72 Automated No
State Tax Refund 68 O.S. 205.2 Automated No
Probate Account 58 O.S. 591, 58 O.S. 693 Manual No
Appearance Bonds 12 O.S. 68 Manual No
Till Tap (Execution and Levy) 12 O.S 733, 12 O.S 751 Manual No
Financial Institution Data Match 56 O.S. 240.22 – 240.22G Manual Semi-Automated No
Lottery 3A O.S. 724.1 Semi-Automated No
Personal and Real Legal Cites Automated or Manual Centralized (Yes/No)
Personal Injury Liens 43 O.S. 135 Manual Yes
Probate 58 O.S. 591, 58 O.S. 693 Manual No

Deprivation of Rights and Privileges

Deprivation of Rights and Privileges Legal Cites Automated or Manual Centralized (Yes/No)
License Revocation 43 O.S. 139; 56 O.S. 240.15(A)(1) Manual No
Certificate of Title or Registration 43 O.S. 139 Manual No
Credit Bureau 56 O.S. 240.7 Automated No
Passport 56 O.S. 240.1(E) Automated No
Seek Work Order 56 O.S. 240.10 Manual No

Deprivation of Liberty

Deprivation of Liberty Legal Cites Automated or Manual Centralized (Yes/No)
State Felony 21 O.S. 852, 56 O.S. 231, 56 O.S. 232, 56 O.S. 233 Manual No
State Misdemeanor 21 O.S. 852(A) Manual No
Federal Misdemeanor 18 U.S.C. 228(a)(1) Manual No
Federal Felony 18 U.S.C. 228(a)(2) and (3) Manual No
Civil Contempt 21 O.S. 565, 21 O.S. 566(B); 43 O.S. 137(B)(2), District Court Rule 8.3 Manual No

Refer to Child Support Services SharePoint site or for additional information about these actions.

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