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Locate Procedures

This is a list of locate tools and processes used to find parties.

  1. Check FCRL (IMS): Type code of any field that has a recent ‘date of data’. Each time you check this, select “F5” to reset flag. CSML will show if new FCR info has been received since you last reset the flag.
    1. NH – New Hire List from employers
    2. QW – Quarterly Wage List from employers
    3. UI – Unemployment
    4. DEF – D.O.D. Locate Response List
    5. FBI – FBI Locate Response List
    6. FED – Federal Agencies Locate Response List
    7. IRS – Internal Revenue Service Information (NEVER Print)
    8. SSA – Social Security Information
    9. VA – Veterans Information
    10. OS – Other State response
    11. FIDM – Bank Account Data Match
    12. PSN – Prison/Jail match (may not be current)
    13. WCC – Worker Compensation Claim information
    14. PI – Personal Injury Claim information
  2. Social Security Number searches (IMS): These will show information on any state assistance, Social Security, Child Welfare case matches.
    1. SSN_#########
    2. PY_#########
      1. IVA (state services) case match
        1. Will look like: H######, C######, D######
        2. Type CM_H######
          1. A screen will come up that shows names of all who have been on the case.
        3. Type CMM at the bottom of the screen.
        4. If field “F25” under noncustodial parents (NCP) name has an “A” next to S (food stamps), M (Medical), or C (TANF) then the NCP is active on this case.
        5. Field “F27” shows when the status date last changed.
        6. If the NCP is active on the case, press ENTER until list screen is gone and new screen appears.
        7. The address on this screen is the current address on this case and if the NCP is active, it should be his/her current address. Check FACS notes to verify.
      2. OHCA (Oklahoma Health Care Authority) case match:
        1. Will be 7 digits (can be a mix of numbers and letters)
        2. Type HCAL_#######
        3. Type “S” in front of NCPs name
        4. If “Elig End Date” is in the future then the NCP is active on the case.
        5. Address listed may be a current address. Not extremely reliable, so would be good to find further verification.
  3. Intergovernmental Quick Locate in OSIS (APPU screen)
    1. Type APPU on the AP line
    2. Next to ‘Request Quick Locate To:’ type the two-letter code for each state that you would like to search for the NCP.
    3. Press ENTER. You may only send three per day (it is better to send each state separately to make sure all three are issued).
    4. Review for response in 10 – 14 days on LASSI, CSENet, and LOGI.
  4. Driver’s License Search (IMS)
    1. MVRP
      1. Hold “shift” and press “Esc” at the same time. This will back you out to original IMS menu.
      2. Tab down to DPSCICS. Type “S” and press enter.
      3. Once the DPS screen loads, press “Pause/Break” to clear the screen.
      4. Type MVRP.
      5. Fill in the fields as follows:
        1. Requester Name:
        2. Driver’s License Number: Skip if you do not have the license number.
        3. Name: Last, First (no space between them, just the comma)
          1. To narrow the search you can include a middle initial after the first name.
        4. Date of Birth: mm_dd_yyyy
        5. Sex: M/F
      6. This screen shows DL number, DL expiration date, and if DL is active/revoked/suspended.
      7. Press “Page Up” to see next page. Print pages if active DL and proceed to Step b.
    2. DHS1
      1. Press “Pause/Break
      2. Type DHS1. Fill in the information retrieved from MVRP.
      3. This will provide you with the current address registered with the DL.
      4. This is likely a good address, especially if it was recently renewed.
      5. Print screen. Press Shift+ESC to return to Main Menu.
  5. UDS (Utility Data Services)
    1. Have the NCPs SSN ready
    2. 405-348-9587
    3. Subscriber code **** (Contact the District Office/Center Management)
    4. PIN **** (Contact the District Office/Center Management)
  6. DOC (Department of Corrections) Search (Internet)
    1. Department of Corrections Offender Inquiry Screen
      1. Search by name is default and self-explanatory.
      2. Verify that the Name and DOB match.
      3. Print the page if there is a picture.
  7. OSCN (Oklahoma Supreme Court Network)
    1. OSCN Search
    2. Click “Search Dockets”
    3. Search by First and Last name
      1. Results will be separated by County
      2. If there are more than 10 or so, you will have to click “More Results…” under each county
      3. If you find the party you are looking for, click on their name.
        1. NCPs name should be in blue at the top.
          1. Click it to see if DOB matches and if they have a recent address.
        2. Go back to case page. Scroll down to see if there are any pending hearings or if the NCP was recently sentenced to the DOC.
  8. ODCR (On Demand Court Records)
    1. Send email to the Employer Services Center, CLEAR Search.
    2. Send your non-custodial parent first and last name and Family Group Number in your email request.
    3. The Employer Services Center will email the CLEAR Report back to local office.
  10. XMAIL (IMS)
    1. You can use this to check if the address you have for an NCP is being used by any others who are on services.
    2. This is useful when trying to verify locate and/or serve and NCP or CP
  11. Facebook

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