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Locate Checklist for Resources

The following is a Locate Checklist for Resources to assist in locating a noncustodial or biological parent.

Resource Description
CSLOG Check to see if noncustodial parent (NCP) or biological parent (BP) has recently called and provided an address.
CLEAR Reports A CLEAR Report has up to date locate information that is gathered through one search tool. This tool is commonly used when all other locate resources have been used. More details on CLEAR is found in the Quest article Clear Reports.
E-KIDS/KIDS Addresses can be found under the Client tab in Demographics (DEMO). Sometimes it will not be there but can be found under Parent Updates in the most recent court report. It is important to check both locations.
FCRL NH, QW, SSA, and UI could provide valid contact information.
PY screen If the person you are searching for has an active assistance case, an address may be obtained on the EA screen.
OWL To find an employer address and number in order to contact an employer for the employee’s address.
DPSCICS This can be helpful if the NCP/BP has recently renewed or replaced their ID.
OSCN Addresses can sometimes be found if a traffic citation has been issued. The individual may also be involved in a pending action such as a divorce or paternity. They may or may not have a private attorney listed, which could prove useful. An upcoming hearing date is also a place where an NCP might be served.
DOC, County Jails, BOP Check to see if individual is in jail, prison, or federal prison. It is more common on deprived cases to have a parent who is incarcerated.
Employer If searching for the NCP and payments are being made by Income Withholding Order, the employer may be able to provide a valid address.
Request an image of a payment or envelope If searching for the NCP and a payment was made by money order, cashier’s check, or personal check, email STO Finance requesting a copy with the address included.
UDS A utility search completed by name or SSN (SSN is the preferred method). You need the subscriber code and pass code found in the Locate folder in Outlook.
Note: CLEAR access was changed due to budget constraints. ESC now has three people who can do CLEAR reports for local offices. Please make your requests by sending an email to the Employer Services Center, CLEAR Search. Please include the NCP name and Family Group Number. The Employer Services Center will do a search and a CLEAR Report will be sent to the local office via email. Westlaw has been removed from the Locate Checklist as a Resource. DHS currently only has one user access to Westlaw as additional access has been discontinued due to budget constraints.

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