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Case Types Quick Reference Guide

Below is a guide to help identify Case Types by their codes.

Child Support

Perm Assigned Column:

Z (Perm assigned prior to 09/98)
CC (TANF judgment)
ZC (perm assigned judgment)
GO(Genetic Test Fee)

Temporary / Conditional Assigned column:

D (Conditional Assigned)
DC (Cond Assigned judgment)

IV-E Foster Care column:

FC (judgment)

Non IV-E Foster Care column:

EC (judgment)


P (Private)
M (Medical)
X (Extended medical)
J (Disability)
B (Aid to blind)
PC (Private judgment)
MC (Medical judgment)
XC (Extended medical judgment)
JC (Disability judgment)
BC (aid to blind judgment)

Interstate PA


Interstate Non PA



Cash Medical (OHCA)

M CM (Medicaid)
X CM (Extended Medicaid)
J CM (Disability & Medicaid)
B CM (Aid to Blind & Medicaid)
C CM (TANF & Medicaid)
F CM (IV-E foster care & Medicaid)
E CM (non IV-E foster care & Medicaid)
MB CM (OHCA cash medical judgment)

Cash Medical (Private)

P CM (Private)
PC CM (Private cash medical judgment)

Fixed Medical (Assigned)

C FM (TANF & Fixed)
F FM (IV-E Foster care & fixed medical)
E FM (Non IV-E foster care & fixed medical)
CC FM (TANF Fixed medial judgment)
FC FM (IV-E foster care judgment)
EC FM (Non IV-E foster care judgment)

Fixed Medical (Private)

P FM (Private)
M FM (Medicaid & fixed medical)
X FM (Extended Medicaid & fixed medical)
J FM (Disability & Fixed medical
B FM (Aid to Blind & fixed medical)
PC FM (Private fixed medical judgment)
MC FM (Medicaid fixed medical judgment)
XC FM (Extended Medicaid fixed medical judgment)
BC FM (Aid to Blind fixed medical judgment)

Interstate Medical

(Incoming Interstate Medical)

Download a PDF version of the Case Type Quick Reference Guide