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Minimum Requirements for Establishing a Medical Support Order

To establish the medical support order, the following items must be included to fulfill the basic legal requirements in Oklahoma related to medical support orders:

  1. Health insurance must be reasonable in cost, meaning the pro rata share of the actual out-of-pocket premium cost for the children does not exceed five percent of the gross income of the parent ordered to provide health insurance.
  2. The health insurance must be accessible, meaning that there are available providers within 60 miles of the primary residence of the children.
  3. Health insurance must provide coverage for both routine and major medical expenses. This includes but is not limited to: preventive care, office visits, hospitalization and medication coverage. Limited Benefit Health Insurance Coverage does not satisfy this requirement. The court may designate the maximum annual deductible. CSS recommends the deductible be no more than $500.00 per year.
  4. If cash medical support is ordered the order must provide for the possible future termination of cash medical support except for certain circumstances.
  5. An order that requires the parents to share any health expenses for the child(ren) that are not covered by insurance.

Examples of orders that would not meet the requirements:

  • An order that requires the parents to share uninsured health expenses proportionately but does not order either to actually provide insurance or pay cash medical support.
  • An insurance coverage with an excessive deductible amount (i.e., $10,000.00 per year).
  • The child support computation sheet makes it clear that one of the parents is paying an insurance premium, but the text of the order does not require the parent to do so.
  • An order for cash medical support that does not allow for its termination.
  • An insurance coverage which only provides for accidents.

The order does not have any findings about what coverage is in effect or offered