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Monthly Differential Pay Application Process

Monthly differential pay for full certification must be applied for by submitting the Certification Program Monthly Differential and Re-certification application form 03GN522E (PDF) after all four functional areas have been successfully completed or to continue the differential pay after the recertification assessment has been successfully completed.

Participants will not receive the differential pay at the same time as their last lump sum payment.

There is some delay in starting the monthly differential payments. However, once started as long as the participant continues to be fully certified they will continue to keep getting the payments each month. If a participant does not recertify they will get the payments for a full two years.

Note: Recertification also requires the completion of 20 Service Credit Hours with documentation through the 03GN553E form. The monthly differential pay could be stopped if the required service credit hours are not completed prior to the recertification date.