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Multi-function Printer (MFP): Hold Print and Locked Print

There are occasions when a print or scan request requires security protections. Two options discussed here allow a print request to wait until you are at the printer to allow them to print.
If you are familiar with steps to manipulate printing options, here is the path of instructions:

File/print/select printer/printer properties/job type/hold print or locked print/details/(set User ID and, with Locked Print, establish Password)
The ID you establish is entered at the MFP before the print begins.

Step-by-step instructions:

After choosing ‘File’, then ‘Print’, select the printer you want to use.
Select ‘Printer Properties’, or ‘Properties’ for .pdfs in Acrobat.
Highlights Printer Properties selection
Under ‘Job Type’, select either ‘Hold Print’ or ‘Locked Print’.
Where to select locked, or hold
Hold Print leaves your print job waiting in the queue. Select your print job on the printer, then press Print. Locked Print does the same and also requires a passcode to print your document.
Select ‘Details’ to set up User IDs and Passcodes.
Create ID and password
Follow ID and Password restrictions to set your User ID, and Password if applying ‘Locked Print’.

Create your personal folder

Use a link to the printer you work with. On the Web Image Monitor page, select ‘Print Job/Stored File’, then ‘Document Server’ from the left-side column.
Savin Web Image Monitor
Select ‘New Folder’, then enter a number and name for your folder.
Document servor
New Folder
Select ‘Change’ to generate a password, then select ‘OK’.
Change password
New folder shown in document servor

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