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Non IV-D or Pass Through Cases

Legal Authority:
43 O.S. § 112A

A non IV-D, or pass-through case, is a case in which payments are made through the Centralized Support Registry (CSR), Oklahoma’s Support Distribution Unit (SDU). Payments received are recorded but the case is not open for full services and therefore, not monitored, in any way. These cases are usually in 01 status. They may also be 04 status cases if a prior full service case closed and became a pass-through case.

If a customer or their attorney requests to set up a pass-through case they should be directed to contact the Central Case Registry (CCR) at *OCSS.CONTACT.CCR@OKDHS.ORG. The CCR will send a Summary of Support Order (SOSO) to be completed and returned with a copy of the support order. The CCR will follow up if there are questions or additional information is needed.

The CSR will accept personal payment on pass-through cases if there is an Oklahoma court order with language authorizing direct payment. If there is no order with language authorizing direct payment, the payment will be returned.

When payments are being received by income assignment (I/A) on pass-through cases, CSS cannot stop the existing I/A as CSS‘s role is strictly to pass payments through the CSR. CSS must obtain verification from the other party that all children on the case have emancipated and/or it is appropriate to stop the I/A. If verification is not received, the person requesting termination of the I/A may need to seek legal assistance.

If an office receives questions on a pass-through case, provide the customer with the CCR email address and the CCR will contact the customer to address any questions or issue the customer may have.

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