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Non IV-E Foster Care (E case type)

Non IV-E Foster Care (E case type)

If a case does not qualify for IV-E foster care, it becomes a Non IV-E foster care case funded by the State.

When a child is placed in Non IV-E foster care, current support is retained.  The following must be done in OSIS:

  • Verify that the foster care medical case (C/H number) is cross-referenced with the family group number (FGN) so an ‘E’ case type will display on CSML.
  • If a new case needs to be built against the custodial person (CP) (when the CP has now become the non-custodial parent (NCP)), ‘Other OCSS’ should be entered as the CP. Do not add a DCN or address for ‘Other OCSS’ (so payments will not erroneously issue).
    • Result: If an OSIS update causes current support to become issuable, payments received will be placed on the undistributed list if no address is available. This will prompt the worker to review placement and make necessary updates.
  • The CHU screen will be updated with ‘DHS’ custody for all children included in the juvenile case.


  • Even though the current support is considered Never Assigned by the Feds, current support is retained to reimburse the State.
  • Per the distribution hierarchy, Non IV-E foster care balances are paid prior to other Never Assigned balances. For more information, see the distribution bucket chart: Distribution Bucket Chart

For information on how to differentiate between IV-E and Non IV-E see “Research Tools – Foster Care Inquiry” training article.

*Note: The difference between a child placed in DHS custody and a child placed in the Office of Juvenile Affairs (OJA) custody is that DHS is to provide the protection and care of homeless, dependent and neglected children and OJA is to provide for the protection and care of juveniles alleged or adjudicated to be delinquent or in need of supervision.

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