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NOPI Document and Process Changes

ALC, PRC, and M-Team are pleased to announce an update to the NOPI documents and process that will be beneficial to our remote work environment. These changes will be in production Tuesday, April 28th, 2020.

NOPI Changes

  1. The form no longer requires a CSS attorney signature and is now hard-coded with Director Banks signature.
  2. The form will require the date of mailing to be entered – this may not be the same day that you generate the document.
  3. Request for Administrative Review has been edited for the NCPs to email their review requests to CCP Centralization’s group email and CCP Centralization will route Requests received to the local office.
  4. The NOPI will no longer be a packet – Users will host print to the NCP. The NOPIC is retired. The NOPI is now set up for host, local print, or email with default for HOST.
  5. The new NOPI process is more streamlined and is as follows:
    1. Send NCP’s by HOST print. Part of streamlining is that a GN15 (Certificate of Service) is no longer required.
    2. Also, offices will still need to remember that once the NOPI is final it becomes an Order and will need to be docketed either in Administrative Court and/or District Court (GN4).
    3. Do not send a copy to the CP so as to save money on postage. There is no statutory requirement to notice the CP in a NOPI action. However, if CP requests a copy, please provide one by email and remove the Request for Administrative Review.
    4. The NOPI will use an email address selection list with instruction to select one of the following options:
      • NCP Address of Record (default)
      • NCP current address
      • User-entered address for NCP
      • CP Address of Record
      • CP current address
      • User-entered address for CP

      NOPI email address dropdown selection.

Note: Users will need to generate a version for NCP and a version for CP, if CP requests a copy. If requested, staff are encouraged to send copies to CP via email.

Please contact PRC at *OCSS.PRC and ALC at *CSS.ALCDOCS.HELP if you have any questions.