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OAH Hearing Requests

This article was created from a May 18th, 2017 training minute developed in collaboration between the CSS Director, CSS Center for Operations and the DHS Office of Administrative Hearings (OAH). This article was updated June 22nd, 2021 due to changes to OAH hearings moving to using Microsoft Teams for hearings.

OAH Hearing Requests

CSS Offices

Will send requests for hearing via email to Legal OAH Staff  and include the following:

  1. Subject line: NCP last name and OAH#.
  2. Attach all pdf exhibits along with the underlying child support order if it has not been imaged into the OAH work flow system. If there are no exhibits please let OAH know at this time.
  3. Identify the CSS Office and include a list of all participants and their role in the hearing.
  4. Provide the Teams meeting information to the parties (do not forward the meeting invite to the parties)

OAH Clerks

  1. Will reply to the CSS Office staffer acknowledging the request.
  2. Forward the request and exhibits to the ALJ.
  3. Wait for the ALJ to reply.
  4. Send the Teams Invitation (if applicable) to the CSS Office staffer.
  5. Then send the final message to CSS Office staffer advising when the ALJ will be ready to hear the case.
    Note: OAH clerks are all to monitor the hearing requests and, if there is no acknowledgement of an initial request by OAH within 5 minutes, the clerk is to either advise the clerk who has primary responsibility that day (by a means other than email) or, if that person is unavailable, to take over the process.

Administrative Law Judge (ALJ)

  1. Once the ALJ receives the forwarded email, the ALJ
  2. Prints the exhibits.
  3. Pulls up the record.
  4. Prepares to go on the record.
  5. Uses the original request email from CSS Office to identify the caseworker and will email the caseworker with a “two minute warning” before calling.
    Note: This “warning” should allow litigants to stay in interview rooms/lobby until just before the hearing. Although they do need to be advised not to wander off once the hearing request is submitted.
  6. In the event of an unusual delay, ALJ will advise the caseworker (or ask an OAH clerk to do so) and approximate the length of the delay.

If you have any questions please contact: *OCSS.Center for Operations for Operations.