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OHS Dress Code Guidance

Guidance for All OHS Employees and Contractors

Oklahoma Human Services employees, including contractors, are expected to wear clothing that is appropriate for the job while on duty, whether in an office location or teleworking.

Employees shall make reasonable efforts to project a professional image. Employees shall dress appropriately for their work day to ensure personal interactions with staff and clients/customers are always positive, whether meeting in-person or virtually. Employees shall maintain good grooming and personal hygiene.

In-Person –

While working in an office location, attending in-person meetings, or appearing in court:

  • Clothing and appearance should be neat and clean,
  • Clothing must be professional-looking, business casual, and appropriate for the employee’s working environment.
  • The employee’s identification badge should be worn and clearly visible.
  • Employees shall refrain from wearing items with tears, rips, or holes.
  • Employees shall refrain from wearing items that are overly casual such as pajamas, sweats, workout clothes, or rubber flip flops.
  • Jeans can be worn only if they are neat, clean, and have no tears, rips, or holes.
  • Courtroom attire must be worn when representing the agency in court.

Teleworking –

While teleworking from home or participating in virtual meetings:

  • Clothing and appearance should be neat and clean.
  • Clothing must be professional-looking or business casual if participating in virtual meetings with persons who are external to the agency.
  • Clothing may be less formal but must still be appropriate for the work day if participating in virtual meetings with internal employees.
  • If employees do not have any internal or external meetings while teleworking, this guidance does not apply.

If you have additional questions, please discuss with your supervisor or email