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OHS Investigative Services

As in any human activity, sometimes there is wrong-doing within programs, services, vendors, employees, or the public. When there are accusations of wrong-doing the Office of Investigative Functions goes to work. The purpose of the investigations are to maintain the high standards of accountability required by Oklahoma Human Services (OHS). There are three offices associated with the investigative function.

Office of Client Advocacy – The Office of Client Advocacy (OCA) is committed to protecting children through investigations or grievance programs; protecting vulnerable adults receiving services through OHS; and ensuring foster parents are free from retaliation or harassment.

Office of Inspector General – The Office of Inspector General (OIG) oversees and preserves the integrity of OHS programs and services. This office is made up of several units including

  • Internal Audit unit that audits programs and contracts to determine compliance federal and state requirements
  • the Office of Background Investigations that conducts fingerprint background checks for licensed childcare providers, foster and adoptive families, trial reunifications, guardianships, and all OHS employees
  • Administrative Review Unit audits licensed childcare facilities to ensure compliance with regulations and policies and determines legitimacy of claims filed for reimbursement and childcare assistance
  • Information Security Unit investigates and audits OHS electronic and technical devices that store information. This unit also assists with audits to ensure OHS complies with state and federal requirements for information security
  • Investigations Unit conducts administrative and criminal investigations including OHS benefits program fraud and the trafficking of SNAP food benefits.
  • Internal Affairs Unit is concerned with employee misconduct, elder financial exploitation, special investigations involving other OHS divisions, service of administrative process, assisting other law enforcement agencies, and executive protection details.

Office for Civil Rights – This office ensures that discrimination involving clients, vendors, and employees is prohibited. The Office for Civil Rights also responds to client, vendor, and employee requests for reasonable accommodation in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.

These units work to ensure our workplaces, services, programs, and customers are fair and accountable.