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OHS Support Functions for Employees, Service Areas, and Partners

The support functions listed here typically do not provide client-based services. But, their purpose is to support and promote the mission of Oklahoma Human Services (OHS). Below is a list of some of the things OHS does to support employees and partners.

Human Resources Management

Recruitment to retirement. Oklahoma Human Capital Management supports Oklahoma state agencies in Human Resources, Employee Benefits Administration, Talent Management, Employee and Organizational Development. They provide advice on the best practices to recruit, develop, and retain the workforce. To learn more, visit Oklahoma Human Capital Management.

Included in Oklahoma Human Resources Management is the Oklahoma Employee Assistance Program (EAP). The goal of the EAP is to help employees gain access to professional services in resolving personal problems. All state of Oklahoma employees and their immediate family members are eligible to participate in the Oklahoma EAP. Short-term services of 5 visits or less are available as well as linking employees or family members to resources, such as long term services outside of EAP. There is no charge to the employee or family members for their assessment and referral services from the EAP Office. The decision to accept help from the EAP is a decision that only the employee can make. Any employee or family member may contact the EAP Office at 405-248-9007 or through email at

Another program found in Human Capital Management is employee benefits. These include several choices in health care and dental plans, vision care, as well as disability, life supplemental life, and dependent life insurance. Those eligible for employment benefits are current state employees regularly scheduled to work at least or 1,000 hours per year, and not classified as temporary or seasonal. Dependents may be covered, as well, including spouse and child(ren).

Innovation Services

The various responsibilities of innovation services is to conduct data-driven research and statistical analysis of OHS programs and services; collaborate with divisions to disseminate information resulting from research, programs, and services;  provide technical assistance in designing, developing, implementing, and evaluating projects, programs, or grants; serve as the official DHS clearinghouse for language translation; assist with strategic planning; assist with developing and implementing quality and performance improvement strategies and initiatives; and finally, work to provide a culture of continuous improvement.

An example of these the rapid movement to teleworking and providing all DHS employees with technology (laptops, iPhones) and assistance with the use of these technologies. OnBase development and training is another example of services provided by Innovation Services.

Legal Services

Legal Services provides legal advice and representation to OKDHS administrative and program activities; handling all matters of litigation, employment law, and legal appeals for OKDHS; and Coordination of policy development for OKDHS.

Office of Administrative Hearings

Administrative court in Oklahoma that establishes and enforces child support orders. All hearings are conducted by administrative law judges assigned to the Office of Administrative Hearings (OAH). These hearings are in session when a regularly scheduled – or specially-scheduled docket with participating child support offices on days designated for administrative hearings.

Financial Services

The Financial Services Division oversees the OKDHS budget, audits financial claims, manages the Oklahoma electronic benefits card system and Oklahoma MasterCard debit card system, monitors employee attendance and leave, processes pay level changes, and prepares payroll.

Support Services

Perform the functions of property management, space planning, contracts and purchasing, commodities distribution, overseeing services related to warehousing, printing and duplication, mail services, graphic design and photography, fleet services, and ID badges, plus other functions.

Office of Communications

This support function conveys the OKDHS mission and informs the public, media and other groups about programs, services and accomplishments of the agency; oversee the OKDHS website and social media presence; and informs employees through various internal communications and trainings. They are responsible for the DHS logo color and usage guidelines. They are also responsible for any communications with media, TV, webcasts, radio, and social media including DHS Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Office of Community and Faith Engagement

This office assists in collecting materials from communities statewide and distributes them to the state’s citizens; coordinates the State Charitable Campaign, Feed the Children, the literacy program, and Relay for Life. They also recruit foster parents, and are involved in prisoner re-entry, Newborns in Need, Back to School, Thanksgiving, and Christmas collection events; and assist with disaster relief.

Office of Information and Referral

This office supports the Director by responding to questions from client and customers, foster parents, and external customers.

These support functions help to keep Oklahoma Human Services operating for employees and citizens. Our jobs would be even more complicated and difficult without the assistance of these offices.

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