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OKBenefits – Citizen Portal Tip Sheet for Release 2

As of August 28th, 2020, the OKB portal is live for Phase 2 functionality and is being used by our customers.

Report a Change

Customer will be prompted to upload supporting documentation, if available, prior to submitting any of the four change options below:

  • Change in Contact Information
    Customer can self-report address, email and phone number changes that are verified through USPS.
    • CSS: Will automatically update Address Screen as verified.
    • CSS: If address does not pass Finalist, system will case log the reason it was not added and send an email to CARE for distributing to the appropriate office.
  • Change in Household Information
    Customer can add, remove, or change information about household members.
    • CSS page disclaimer “If you receive Child Support Services, adding new children to your household will require a new Child Support Application.”
  • Change in Household Income
    Customer can update his or her income information. This includes providing new employer information.
    • CSS page disclaimer: “Contact Child Support Services to request a Child Support Modification. Child Support Customer Assistance (405)522-2273.”
    • CSS: Self-reported employer information will be uploaded to OSIS for Employer Services Center to process.
  • Change in Household Expenses
    • CSS page disclaimer “This information will be used for AFS benefits and may be used for other programs. Contact Child Support Services to request a Child Support Modification at (405) 522-2273.”

System Automated Response to Changes

CSS: Information from Change in Contact Information and self-reported employer information from Change in Household Income is automatically pulled into OSIS, as stated above. All provided information is stored in Disc Image.

AFS: Worker of record will receive the change document in BIS imaging work flow, along with any attached documents uploaded by the customer.

CW: Information will be stored in Disc Image.


To change profile contact information, user must use Report a Change.

Username/Password Recovery

User can recover username and password on the portal if forgotten.

Child Support My Documents

  • Users with child support cases can complete and submit certain forms online.
  • Affidavit of Payments.
  • Address of Record/Family Violence Form.
  • PDF of submitted forms stored in DiscImage.
  • Auto Caselog entered into OSIS.
  • Email to CARE to distribute to appropriate child support office.

Custodial Parent submitting changes for the Non-Custodial Parent

  • Report New Employer Information for the Noncustodial Parent
    • Custodial parent can report if they think the noncustodial parent is unemployed or self-employed
    • Custodial parent can provide name, address, and/or phone number for an employer of the noncustodial parent.
    • Employer information will be uploaded to OSIS for Employer Services Center to process
    • Auto case log will be entered in OSIS.
  • Report New Address Information for Noncustodial Parent
    • Custodial parent can enter an address (US or International), home phone, work phone, and/or cell phone.
    • If the address passes Finalist, ASA will be updated with address as unverified.
    • If the address does not pass Finalist, will not be added to ASA.
    • Email will be sent to CARE to distribute to the appropriate office.
    • Auto case log will be entered in OSIS.

Employer Portal

Employers can create an account through to manage IWOs, M05s, MED5s, etc., online.

Child Support Office Location Updates

  • Each case card displays the address of the child support office serving that case. A link to Google Maps will provide a map to that address.
  • A link to the child support office location webpage will be added to the portal navigation menu.

My Uploads

  • Customer can view list of uploaded documents through: My Uploads, Applications (SNAP/CSS) Report a Change Process.
    • Limited to following columns: Application ID, Document Type, Description, File Name, and Date
    • Customer will not be able to view the uploaded document.
  • Customer can independently upload documents at any time using this screen.
  • All documents submitted via My Uploads will be available to staff in AFS, CSS, and CWS.
    • CSS: If the customer has a child support case, an email notification will go to CARE who will review and forward to the appropriate office.
  • CARE will not notify an office of an upload unrelated to child support.
  • All documents submitted via My Uploads will be available in the corresponding partition of Disc Image.
    • AFS: worker of record will receive the change document in BIS imaging work flow, along with any attached documents uploaded by the customer
    • CWS: into Disc Image (Foster Parent applicant uploads):
      • Background Checks forms
      • Resource Family Financial Assessment
      • Resource Parent Health History
      • Medical Examination report
      • Child(ren)’s Health Form
      • Training
      • Miscellaneous items (IDs, SS Cards, DLs, e.g.)

Child Passport (for Foster Parents only)

  • New Screen for Child Medical Information
  • New Screen for Child Education Information
  • New Child Care Screen Information
  • Mobile-friendly

AFS Child Care Details

AFS customers with open or recently closed child care services can view details about their case including co-pay amount, child care provider information, renewal date, and begin date.

Resource Family Application (For prospective Foster and Adoptive families)

  • An account must be created to apply.
  • Dashboard is activated once the application is submitted.
  • Progress Stepper will show progress through the certification process percentages, unless they are withdrawn or denied.
  • Document Upload will go to Disc Image. Disc Image access and training will be provided to Resource staff.

For a printable copy, access OKBenefits Portal Release 2 Tip Sheet.


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