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Onboarding Handbook Overview

Onboarding is very important to help our new staff acclimate well to Child Support Services. The Center for Professional Development helps local office management to onboard their personnel in several ways by giving guidance during their first year to the new hire and their supervisor.

The first contact in the Onboarding process is through your immediate supervisor. The Center for Professional Development (CPD) also supports you and your supervisor in developing a plan of action to assist you during your first year.

Access the CSS Onboarding Handbook.

The Handbook is basically a five-part reference covering the following information:  Welcome, Academy, Technology, OSIS, Training/Emergency Contacts. We are in the process of creating CSQuest articles for all parts of the Handbook and will link all additional articles to this one as they are completed.

CSS Onboarding Handbook articles:

  • Welcome – Mission Statement, Onboarding Information Sheet, Who We Are, Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement, History of the Child Support Program, Oklahoma Department of Human Services, CSS State Office Centers, and Required and Recommended Training
  • Academy – Academy Agenda, How to Join Academy via Zoom, Pre-Tech Check
  • Technology – Learning Management System, How to Join a Teams Meeting, Yammer, Data Security, OMES, PeopleSoft
  • OSIS – Oklahoma’s CS computer system, Brief overview of most commonly used screens
  • CSML – Case Member List Inquiry
  • CIRI – Information and Referral Inquiry
  • Payment Screens – CFRR:  Receipt Inquiry Selection Criteria/Receipt Inquiry by FGN screen. CFRRX: Receipt Inquiry Selection Criteria/Receipt Inquiry by Obligation.  CFRRP: PRWORA Receipt Inquiry by FGN screen
  • Hearing Screens – HEARL:  Lists Hearing Dates and Details HEARA:  Adds new Hearing Information HEARU: Updates existing hearing information HEARC: Copies existing entries to create new hearing sequences
  • Case Log Screens – CSLOGO: Case Log Options LOGI:  Case Log List Inquiry CSLOGI: Selected Case Log Inquiry CSLOGA: Case Log Add
  • CLAP – Case List by Absent Parent – Non-custodial parent information
  • Training/Emergency Contact Numbers