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OSIS for Attorneys

The computer system used by Child Support Services is the Oklahoma Support Information System (OSIS). The attached PowerPoint OSIS for Attorneys will guide you where to find the following:

  • Where do I find general case information? How do I find out what’s going on with the case?
  • Where can I find income information for the parties?
  • What information is available for IV-A cases?
  • Where can I find payment information?
  • How do I find a case (or find out if a case exists)?
  • How do I use OSIS to create and track documents?
  • How do I find out the status of court settings on OSIS?
  • Provides Resources and Training Aids for further understanding and assistance.

OSIS screens can be complicated and sometimes hard to understand. You will find a compiled list of some top screens that are good to know when getting started with Child Support Services. For each cheat sheet each screen is broken down and includes callout boxes, along with the appropriate fields and codes that are. OSIS Screens Cheat Sheet.

Additional help with the navigating the screens used by Adult and Family Services (AFS) can be found in the article IV-A / PS2 Screens. Understanding these screens can be a bit difficult. This article has an attached training manual to explain the screens. There is also a cheat sheet to help.