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Page Level Progress Bar in Self-Paced Courses

Having a busy workday can make it difficult to schedule and complete online training. It often means interruptions in the training requiring you to stop and restart the course. To help keep up with your progress, some of our updated self-paced trainings have a Progress Bar on each menu item and in each lesson. Here is a brief look at how the Progress Level Bar works.

Progress Bars on the Menu Page

On the Menu page, you will find a Progress Bar in the bottom right corner of each lesson box. This example shows the progress bar has not changed, so the lesson has not been started. The status is the same on all of the lessons.

Menu page for Finance for Everyone training showing no lessons have been started.

Once into a lesson, the Progress Bar is located in the top right corner of the screen. The bar will move after each component in that lesson is complete. Sometimes you only need to view a component for the bar to move, in this case the Introduction.

Payment screen shows progress bar has moved to show the lesson is in progress.

For the next component, each tab must be opened in order for that section to be considered complete and the bar to advance.

Progress bar has moved as this tabbed component was completed.

The bar moves again after all of the tabs in this component have been selected.

Progress bar moved again as this tabbed component was completed.

After you have reached the Summary, the Progress Bar indicates that the lesson is complete.

Screen shows Summary and Progress bar has moved completely to the right.

If you have to leave the training, when you return, the Menu page will show your status. Notice, the boxes with bars that have changed to the darker color means that lesson is complete. The CSML and Case Types lesson shows it has been started but not completed. And then, again, those not begun still have the light color in the progress bar.

Menu page show progress bars various states of progress.

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