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PeopleSoft New Time & Leave System

OKDHS Financial Services would like to introduce everyone to PeopleSoft, the new time and leave management system.  Using PeopleSoft will prepare us for biweekly payroll and we will use our new timesheets beginning August, 16, 2020.  See biweekly payroll FAQ;  biweekly payroll dates; and biweekly payroll example.

PeopleSoft will replace your electronic timesheet and will house all your payroll related information. You will be able to view leave balances, paystubs, timesheets and personal information all in a single location, whether you are on the DHS network, out in the field, or on your phone.

This transition needs to be as easy as possible, so our team has prepared training and materials to help you with your time and leave management in PeopleSoft.

Live LMS training begins Thursday, August 6 and ends Friday, August 14, 2020:  PeopleSoft Timesheet Training

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