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Searching for DPS information: PIEX & DPSCICS Search

The article indicates how to search PIEX on OSIS, and how to use the Department of Public Safety CICS.
Search PIEX on OSIS. It may lead you to Locate for the NCP through a DPS database search. To access PIEX type PIEX and press <Enter>

  • You will need the party‚Äôs name, sex, and date of birth.
    • Once the information is entered, push F2. The information listed about the party includes:
      • License number;
      • Name;
      • Address;
      • Telephone number;
      • Date of birth;
      • Personal description;
      • License data, and;
      • another associated individual (if any)

However, PIEX is not the current or best process to use as DPS records will be missed.

DPSCICS is the best process to use.

  • The instructions to access DPSCICS are included in the CSQuest article Navigating DPS for License Information
  • DHS1 and DHS3 are the correct screens for child support staff to use in the DPS system with DHS3 being the better search transaction as it includes added information that shows the current status of the record and the age of the record. DHS3 does require being granted access and requires a password to use.
  • The DPSCICS session appears on the DSD (Data Services Division) Main Frame Supersession Menu screen. If this does not show as a choice when you sign on, your Office Manager must submit a request for access that includes your name and your User ID.
  • The procedure to access information within the DPS system is always subject to change. Some DPS transactions may require additional permission.