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‘Placement’ Non-Supported Guardianship

When placing a child with a parent is not an option, the court may establish a permanent guardianship between the child and a relative or other adult. The juvenile (deprived) action is dismissed when the guardianship is finalized. The family group number (FGN) no longer displays E/F case types or DHS custody. These placements may or may not receive state funding (supported vs. non-supported).

Non-Supported Guardianship

In non-supported guardianships, the state is not paying the guardian to support the child and the custodial parent/guardian is entitled to receive the current support. If the guardian is already listed as a custodial person (CP) on the case, an application for services is not required. However, if the non-supported guardian has never been a CP on the case, an application may be required.

NOTE: There are no system notifications for non-supported guardianship. Notification is usually received by customer contact. Obtain a copy of the guardianship order.

The following must be updated in OSIS:

  • The guardian is added as a CP (if CP is not already on the case)
  • A separate obligation is built (if CP does not already have an obligation)
  • Current support is issued

Review receipt history to determine if a Finance Action Request should be sent to adjust receipts

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