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Remote Proctoring of Certification Assessments

Scheduling Your Assessment

Please use the Assessment Schedule dates as listed in Certification Assessment Day.  Assessments will be listed in LMS by date and testing time for you to select and enroll in.

Certification Assessment Proctoring by Zoom

The Certification Participant will need:

  • Internet access
  • Computer with webcam. You may also use a personal device for the camera/video, and a desktop or laptop to take the assessment.
  • Earphones or speaker (If using earphones they may be used to get set up in the Zoom meeting but will need to be removed once the assessment begins).
The Certification proctors will need to see and hear you during the assessment.

Certification Participant – Getting Started

  • Ensure that you log in to LMS and to Zoom a little early to work out any technical difficulties so you are ready when your assessment time block comes around. A Zoom link will be provided prior to your assessment date.
  • Scheduled assessments must be adhered to strictly. Please do not miss your day and time scheduled. Remember, you must be enrolled in LMS prior to the scheduled testing date.
  • A reliable internet connection is necessary. Helpful tip: To maximize your internet connection during the exam, turn off all other devices, etc. that are in your home.
  • Set up a physical testing location that offers minimal distractions.
  • Once you are in Zoom during your scheduled assessment time and the proctors verify you, the assessment will be opened in LMS. You will then be notified that your assessment is available.

Rules During the Assessment

  • You may use a calculator, note paper, pen or pencil.
  • No cell phones on other electronic devices are allowed except the one you may be using for your Zoom camera.
  • Participants may not communicate in any manner with a person other than the proctors during the assessment. If you need to communicate with the proctors do so by private chats message.
  • Participants may not copy any materials or be in possession of unauthorized aids.
  • In the rare and unlikely event of a technical failure during the exam the participant will be permitted to rescheduled the assessment at a later date.
  • During the assessment, do not have a virtual background enabled on Zoom. This includes blurring your background.
  • You must have your video on and enabled during the entire assessment. If you need to step away for any amount of time (which is discouraged), please notify one of the proctors by private chat message.
  • An assessment is open for only a specified time period during the designated testing day. You must complete the assessment during the time period.
  • An attempted assessment must be completed within the time limit. If you need additional time, or there are technical difficulties that make it unable for you to complete the assessment, notify your proctors and they will work to accommodate your need.
  • At the completion of your assessment, an LMS message will be sent to the proctors to notify them of your test completion.

Testing Day Tips

  • For the best Internet connection, minimize other connections during your testing time.
  • Log into Zoom a few minutes early to work out any technical issues.
  • Log into LMS to access and take your assessment.
  • Once assessment started, please mute yourself. Chat only with the proctors by private message during assessments.
  • Place your cell phone number in the chat (DHS Cell, personal and landline) in case proctors need to contact you.
  • Change your name in the participant list from device name to your name to allow proctors to identify you.
  • Need additional time to take the assessment? Send a private message to one of the proctors.
  • Refrain from adjusting camera once assessment has started.
  • Avoid disrupting others by muting yourself and remain muted during assessment.

Contacts and Links

Deborah Hudson – Proctor

Ronnie Owens – Proctor

LMS Help Desk


CSQuest Certification Information 

If you have questions or encounter any issues, you may contact the proctors.