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Retrieve an Acknowledgement of Paternity

Step 1

Double click on the image retriever located on your computer desktop.

Windows desktop with Document Image Retriever Highlighted.

If this is your first time accessing ApExtender or if you previously logged-out of ApExtender you will have to login.

Step 2

Image Retrieval page opens. Locate the small down arrow in the ribbon and select OTGCSED01.

Drop down menu with OTGCSED01 highlighted.

This tells Image Retriever you want Child Support documents.

Step 3

Select PAT_ACKN. The New Query button appears in the middle of the page.

The New Query Button.

If you recently viewed any documents in ApExtender they will be listed under Recently Viewed Documents. Select New Query on the left pane.

Step 4

The Query page opens. You can see there are many criteria you can search by. Typically, the FGN is used. Be aware that the query requires 10 digits, so you must insert a leading zero.

Query Selection page with FGN selection highlighted and Run button highlighted.

The tiny boxes next to the selection fields are ways you can expand or narrow your search. In our case we will use an FGN with a leading zero.

Once you have entered in all the search criteria press Run found at the bottom of the screen.

If there is no scanned AOP, you will get a message “No Document Found.”

No document found notice.


Step 5

Run results open. The results page may be one page, or the results could contain more than one page, a cover page with the FGN, dates, and SSN and other pages.

The cover page of a retrieved AOP.

In our example, on the left pane you can see there are 3 documents, the cover page, a CSML screen shot and the signed AOP.

Click on the thumbnails until you see the AOP.

The retrieved AOP.

You have your choice of emailing the AOP, printing it, or you can export it to your computer.

If you choose to print, select the Print button in the upper right of the page.

The AppExtender section with choices for emailing, printing, or exporting the retrieved documents.

To print for the case file, you will be asked if you want to print the current page or all of the pages.

To close the AppExtender click on the little open door in the upper right of the page. This is the logout icon.

The Logout Button.

If you cannot locate a signed AOP and you think there should be one (CP and/or NCP  said there is one) you can check the Received AOPs Database. See CS Quest for instruction on accessing this database.